New Years Eve Dinner and Dance

Dear Members,

Please see attached RMGC New Years Eve Dinner and Dance 2015 menu package with cost for Members and Guests.

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New Year’s Eve Dinner & Dance Menu


FENSTON RESULTS 2015-16 – round 2

Fenston Cup Round 2

CSS (Gents)
CSS (Ladies)
Handicaps (Gents)
Handicaps (Ladies)

Thursday 26 Nov Ladies 2BBB

Sadly, weather conditions intervened and the competition was abandoned mid morning.  We did, however,  enjoy helping Yvonne Cuschieri and Doreen Balzan celebrate their recent special birthdays.


Remax Surf and Turf

Remax Surf & Turf – Sailing Races and Golf Competition – Sunday 15th November 2015

The first Remax Surf and Turf event organised by International Maritime Academy in collaboration with the RMGC Pro Golf Shop, was a resounding success.

A Sunny November morning’s fleet racing was held in Marsamxett Harbour under the judicious eye of Race Officer Mr Peter Dimech in Sailing Teams of 4 People on each boat allocated for the racing.Huge challenges were had in the light breeze conditions and experience came in abundance,with skill and knowledge.

This was followed by a beautiful light lunch on the terrace of the Royal Malta Yacht Club.

Then it was off to the Royal Malta Golf Club for a 10 hole round of four ball Team Golf using the ‘Texas Scramble’ format. Novices participated alongside more experienced individuals, just like in the Sailing,however the Four Teams were very closely aligned throughout the day.

The eventual overall Winner of the combined Surf and Turf was John Ripard’s Team comprising Andy Borg, Emma Ripard and Joanna Cassar.

Prize giving was held at Putters Inn and presented by Jeff Buttigieg from Remax Malta.

The event was a sell out within 48 hours of announcing the date last month and the next one is already being planned for March 2015.

Please Register your interest via facebook: international maritime academy Malta.

Special thanks to Ben and CJ Stuart for organising this Event,duly assisted by Henning and Christina.

Great fun had by all.


7 f1 2 3

4 5 6

Nescafe Dolce Gusto MGA Shield Results

Result (Aggregate)

OOM (This Competition) (Gents)
OOM (Overall) (Gents)
Gross Eclectic (Gents)
Net Eclectic (Gents)

OOM (Ladies)
Eclectic (Ladies)

Day 2 Result
Day 2 CSS (Gents)
Day 2 CSS (Ladies)
Day 2 Twos

Handicaps (Gents)
Handicaps (Ladies)

Nescafe Dolce Gusto MGA Shield Day 2

20151122 Start Sheet

Day 1 Result
Day 1 Twos
Day 1 CSS (Gents)
Handicaps (Gents)


Dear Members,

                         As you may be aware the greens and fairways have recently been re-seeded with winter grass. This is a major part of our maintenance program and we ask for your cooperation in achieving the best possible result. The re-seeding requires extra irrigation which in turn results in some areas being over watered and therefore soft and muddy. The main points you can contribute to are;-


Buggy use:

                    Buggies should be driven in the rough whenever possible, with the absolute minimum of use on fairways. They should never be driven down the length of any fairway. It is possible to use a buggy with two players and only cross two or three fairways in a round if you walk across. Avoid driving through wet patches. Obey the blue lines. Do not drive short distances around greens, etc. In the event of non-compliance by any particular member, rather than restrict the use of buggies for all members, we will restrict the members who ignore this request. We know that even with the best of intentions, you can make a mistake, and accept that, but we also know that we have members who totally disregard the buggy guidelines, and we will not accept that. Please be guided accordingly.


Pitch marks:

                       Repair pitch marks! The greens are new and soft, and a pitch mark can take weeks to recover, if not repaired. Please carry a fork and repair any you see, regardless of who made them, or ignored them.


Roped off areas:

                            Roped off areas are not ground under repair. The rules of golf define GUR marking. The roped off areas are to restrict the use of buggies and trolleys, and unnecessary pedestrian traffic. You should play the ball as it lies in these areas, or apply any of the normal, or current, rules for fairways, casual water etc. You may lower a rope which interferes with you stance or swing, but please replace it afterwards.

The Board of Management.


November Medal

OOM (This Competition)
OOM (Overall)
Gross Eclectic
Net Eclectic


Team O’Brien stormed into the lead today with 170 points.

Top Scorer:  Maureen Borg with 38 pts .  

Two’s:  Margaret Nelson on the 7th

falcon cup results Rd 1

handicap list 12-1115

OOM 12-11-15

eclectic results 12-11-15

Team Results: