September Medal – Saturday 3rd September Start Sheet

20160903 September Medal Start Sheet v3

Buggies to be used only by members with in date Doctors exemptions.

Remember to add your score into the monitor and drop your card into the box on completion of your round.

Sign up now available for Thursday 8th September and Saturday 10th September on line via ‘How Did I Do’ or via the monitor at the RMGC Clubhouse.

Thursday 1st September COMPETITION CANCELLED

Dear Members,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused but we have decided to cancel Thursday’s competition due to lack of entries. For those who wish to have a game of golf, tee times have been reserved for you between the times of 3 pm – 3.30 pm.

Lesley Mifsud 79009033/[email protected]

Competition Secretary

Captain vs Vice Captain

The Captain’s team won today 167 to 135. The Vice Captain, Vince Portelli, graciously handed over the trophy to the Captain, Dave Allsopp. Great fun was had by all.








General Play Cuts
Ingo Sausmekat 17.1 -> 16.1
Edwin Busuttil 22.6 -> 21.6


Thursday 25th August Mixed Stableford

First of all a very well done to Finley Gratil with an amazing score of 42 – keep it up young man

Overall winner again with a very good score of 39 is Mia Allsopp

Best Lady with 38 is Rebecca Howes and Best Man with 37 Paul Howes

2’s  Dave Hansen on 17th –  Hans Klotz on 17th and John Lewis on 7th

Well done to you all.

Mixed Stableford

Handicaps (Men)
Handicaps (Ladies)

Captain v Vice Captain – 27th August 2016

20160827 Capt v Vice Capt Start Sheet v2

4BBB Match-play. 1 point per hole, plus one for the match.

90% of the difference off the back-marker.

Start of Men’s Season – 3rd September.

Players utilising Buggies with effect from 3rd September and during the season, are to have supplied a Doctors Certificate to the shop, stating that there is a valid reason why you may use a buggy during qualifying fixtures. The certificate will be retained by the shop in the Buggy Booking folder.

Sign up for fixtures will be either online via How Did I Do, or using the monitors at the RMGC Clubhouse.

Men’s Section

Dear Members,

At Presentation on Saturday, the following will be presented, after the Captain v Vice Captain Competition;

August Monthly Medal Winners for all 3 Divisions

It is also hoped any corrected Presentation Night trophies will also be picked up Friday ready for collection by Members on Saturday also.

Kind Regards,


Individual Qualifying Stableford 25 August V6


25 August Qualifying Stableford


Please note that you need to enter your scores into the terminal. Please ensure that you have signed your card and once you have entered your score, please place your cards in the box.

Captain V Vice Captain

Mens Section  – Captain V Vice Captain   this Saturday 25th August 2016.

Please Register online if not already done so.

Cut off Thursday (lunchtime) 25th August 2016.

Kind regards,

Captain’s Committee

4 BBB Matchplay


The following pairs won their match: Svensson/J Iles, H Gray/Kreikart, Balzan/Woodward, Jones/Ellis, Portelli/Akkerhuis, Stergar/Howes, Jarvis/Buckley, Redfern/G Iles, Sausmekat/Jacobsen, E Busittil/Chamberlain, Klotz/Mifsud, Azzopardi/Camilleri, R Gray/Donovan.


J Camilleri

JJ Micallef

R Gray

J Iles

K Donovan

Well done to all.

Please ensure if adding other members to the start sheet, that they are in fact able to play!