December Monthly Medal – 3rd December 2016 v4


A few parish notices:

Please remember to repair ALL pitch marks.

Keep up with the group in front, not in front of the group behind!

Sign and hand your card in on completion, and enter your score into the PSI machine. Should you have any difficulties doing so, please ask for assistance from a committee member, who will be pleased to help.


Many thanks

Metallform Cup


Konica Minolta Competition 4th December

The Konica Minolta annual tournament will be held on Sunday 4th December 2016, followed by lunch at the Putters Inn provided by Konica Minolta. Sign up is available via HowDidIDo and the PSI machines. Unfortunately we have only today received the Competition rules from Konica Minolta:

Following please find the rules as set by Konica Minolta;

1. The minimum age of the participants is 21 years old on the date that the local pre-tournament takes place.
2. The pre-tournament can be existing of: an 18-hole event, a 9-hole event or and 18- and 9-hole event. This depends on the ability of the golfers/participants.
3. For a player to participate in the 18-hole event, he/she must have a minimum handicap of 28 and an official handicap certificate. This certificate needs to be made available for the final event.
4. Players can not have the Pro-status.
5. Please also include a “longest drive” and a “nearest to printer” competition during the event.

For all events we have the following handicap classification:
Class Handicap Handicap Certificate Required *
A – Class 0 – 18.1 Yes
B – Class 18.2 – 28 Yes
C – Class 28.1 – … No

6. All C-Class players can only participate in the 9-hole event.
7. A winner of each class will be allowed to participate in the final event of the Konica Minolta – CAMEA Golf Cup. The winner(s) accommodation, a 2-night stay incl. food – in Cape Town will be paid for by Konica Minolta.
8. The final event of the Konica Minolta – CAMEA Golf Cup will exist of an 18-hole event and a 9-hole event.
9. The overall winner of the final event (category A or B) in February will be invited to defend his or her title in the next final event, but will not be able to win again. The winner of the C-class event will be awarded special award.
10. The pre-tournament and final tournament are played in the STABLEFORD format. (final event will be played in this format).

Currently we have seven juniors signed up who are under 21 years and three ladies with handicaps over 28. These players cannot win the competition. As things stand we are willing to let them play in the competition, if there is space, providing they are aware that they cannot win.

Competition Committee

Captain v Lady Captain – Anne Panton Trophy – Thursday 8th December

Bookings are now being taken via How Did I Do and the PSI Monitors for the Captain v Lady Captain (Anne Panton Trophy) to be played for on Thursday 8th December, (Public Holiday – Mixed).

Format is 18 Hole 4BBB Match Play.
Scoring is one point for winning a hole and ½ point for halving a hole plus an additional one point for winning the match or ½ point for halving the match.
Handicapping is based on 90% Handicap Difference off the Back Marker.

Papilio Services Captains’ League Round 1



OOM (Overall)
Gross Eclectic
Net Eclectic


Sponsored by IIG



Doreen Balzan                  149

Maureen Borg                  149

Georgina Turkington      140

Maria Woodward             134

These results were based on the best five scores of each team.


Papilio Services Limited sponsorship of Captains’ League

The Royal Malta Golf Club is delighted to announce the sponsorship of the 2016-2017 Captains’ League by Papilio Services Limited.

Papilio Services Limited is a leading independent Maltese service provider, focusing on Residence, Tax and Corporate services to private clients and businesses in Malta and elsewhere.

We invite members to learn more about Papilio Services Limited by reading the attached information sheet.


Papilio Services Captains League – Saturday start sheets. v5


Welcome to the start sheet for the Papilio Services Captains League, 26th November 2016.

Thursday Ladies Falcon Cup

Start Sheet

Course open, buggies allowed