Running Competitions – Time extension for Round 1 Play.

Due to the recent inclement weather and course closures the following running competitions play by dates have been extended as follows:

Creasy Cup – First round to be completed by Tuesday 17th January 2017

Glover Trophy – First round to be completed by Tuesday 17th January 2017

Rundle Cup/Rose Bowl – First round to be completed by Monday 23rd January 2017

R&A Trophy – First round to be completed by Tuesday 17th January 2017

RMGC Mixed 4BBB – First round to be completed by Friday 20th January 2017

May I remind you that it is the custom for the first named player or players to make contact with the opposition. Should dates to play become an issue, then three dates should be offered, at least one being a Sunday and at least one being a weekday.

Thank you

Ladies Stableford Results 29.12.2016




Office Closure

Dear members,

Kindly note that the office will be closed on Thursday 29th December at 12:00pm and Friday 30th December 2016 all day.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Happy New Year!

Kind regards,

RMGC Secretariat

Saturday 31st December 2016 – Emmanuel Cutajar 4BBB Stableford v5


Welcome to the last competition of 2016.

Apologies for those that had issues attempting to sign up for next weeks Medal, it has been addressed!

Please note that the end dates for some of the running competitions have been extended.

Ladies Stableford 29th December 2016


Please note that Yvonne will not be left to play alone! There are always changes to the start sheet. This is version 1.

Christmas Eve, 3 Clubs & A Putter. Saturday 24th December 2016 v6


Along with the start sheet is a copy of the Score card for Saturday. The numbers of the holes have not been changed, just the order they are to be played in. Score cards will be available from the shop on Saturday morning. Please do not get lost!!!

Happy Christmas to you, your families and loved ones. Ho Ho Ho!

Ladies Qualifying Stableford 22 December 2016


Trolleys in locker room

Trolleys in the Locker Room

Elisa Aquilina and I took the opportunity of Course Closure on Friday 16th December to tidy up the Locker Room. We checked some 350 trolleys, removed 35 that were not tagged or belonged to Members who had resigned; placed loose clothing in the lost property box; removed golf clubs that had not been stored away; and threw away a lot of rubbish.

The passage-ways are now much clearer and the storage of trolleys on top of the carousels is now better organised with rows of trolleys front and back with none hidden away and difficult to access in the middle. There is even some spare room on some of the shelves.

It was very difficult finding tags on some trolleys, so please accept our apologies if your trolley was removed in error. Please ask the Pro Shop or Elisa in the Office if you are missing your trolley.

If your trolley was not tagged or your name and locker number were not on the tag, please get a new tag from Elisa and attach it to your trolley before putting it back in the Locker Room. It would greatly assist our next audit if members could ensure that their tags were legible and attached to trolleys in a prominent position when the trolley was folded away for storage.

Let’s try and keep the Locker Room tidy!

Many thanks for your understanding.

Chris Stahl
16th December 2016


Fenston cancelled again due to bad weather, next Fenston 8 January.

Papilio Services Captain’s League – Postponed

Due to inclement weather, the Papilio Services Captain’s League has been postponed.

Bookings are still being taken for the Xmas Eve mixed 3 clubs and a putter competition.