Captains League Rd 6 Results











Inspire Step Aside Scramble


Step Aside Scramble
Played as a normal scramble except that the player whose ball is selected ‘steps aside’ and doesn’t play the next shot.
On the starting tee all four players tee off. Player A’s drive is selected so only Players B, C & D play the second shot. Player B’s second shot is selected and ‘steps aside’ while Player A, C & D play the third shot and so on until the ball is in the hole and the score for the hole is determined. Whoever sinks the putt then ‘steps aside’ and only three players tee off on the next hole. Players may take their shots in any order as this is part of the tactics of the game.
Each player must get in a minimum of three drives keeping in mind that if you hole the putt you can’t drive at the next hole, this is also part of the tactics.

Fenston Round 5

Start Sheet

Manuela Roth Trophy Results

Manuela Roth Trophy Competition Result

Master Handicap List



Two’s Today  Gun Edlund on hole 7 and Michelle Gialanze on hole 13





Papilio Services Captain’s League Round 6 – 28/29th April 2017 v2




Divots, cards, pitch marks, PSI Machine, you determine the order!!

Thanks again to our sponsor – Papilio Services Limited.

Manuela Roth

Manuela Roth Start Sheet  Please note change in tee times.

Trolleys in the Locker Room

Elisa Aquilina and I took the opportunity of Course Closure on Monday 24th April to tidy up the Locker Room.  We checked some 350 trolleys and removed 25 that were not tagged or belonged to Members who did not have lockers or had resigned.

The passage-ways are now clearer and the storage of trolleys on top of the carousels is now better organised with rows of trolleys front and back with few hidden away and difficult to access in the middle.

It was very difficult finding tags on some trolleys, so please accept our apologies if your trolley was removed in error. Please ask the Pro Shop or Elisa in the Office if you are missing your trolley – so that it can be retrieved.

If your trolley was not tagged or your name and locker number were not on the tag, please get a new tag from Elisa and attach it to your trolley before putting it back in the Locker Room. It would greatly assist our next audit if Members could ensure that their tags were legible and attached to trolleys in a prominent position when the trolley was folded away for storage.

Let’s try and keep the Locker Room tidy!

Many thanks for your understanding.


Chris Stahl

24th April 2017

Scratch Challenge & Kinnaird Trophy Results

After a very long couple of days, the Scratch Challenge went to a 3 hole Play-off between  the eventual winner JJ Micallef and previous winner Andy Borg, settled on the third play-off hole by JJ sinking a magnificent putt for birdie to become the overall winner.

Well done to both, congratulations to JJ and commiserations to Andy.

JJ Micallef, Winner 2017 Scratch Challeng

JJ Micallef, Winner 2017 Scratch Challenge













The parallel competition for the Kinnaird Trophy was won by Slava Gulin, one of our talented juniors, with a net score for the two rounds of 135, and of course the handicap cut that goes with such a great win.

Slava Gulin Winner Kinnaird Tropy

Slava Gulin Winner Kinnaird Tropy


Scratch Challenge Cup & Kinnaird Trophy Day 2 – 23rd April 2017 & Day 1 Gross Scores v3



Happy St Georges Day!

Please stay for the prize giving on completion of your round, for the Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas, also as a matter of courtesy to the Sponsor, Holland & Barrett.

Thank you.

Falcon and Eyas Trophy


Maria Woodward’s team with 612 Points

Runners Up

Maureen Borg’s team with 601 Points

Individual results

Round 1 Angela Mahoney 34 Points

Round 2 Jenny Scicluna 37 Points

Round 3 Gun Edlund 33 Points

Round 4 Jo Iles 33 Points

Round 5 Eileen Borg 38 Points

Eyas Trophy

Gun Edlund

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