Notice of the use of buggies

Dear Members,

Attached you can find the notice of the use of buggies.



RMGC office

The InterContinental Malta September Medal v5


Please be reminded that this is the first competition of the 2017/18 season, and is a qualifier, OOM and Eclectic Etc, therefore, buggies may only be used by those that have registered a Doctor’s certificate with the Golf Club Shop.

All members are reminded that whilst the RMGC may have experimented with some of the new proposed rules, none have as yet come into force. The current rules of golf  as published in January 2016 remain in force.

Notice to those that have requested late sign ups: Next weeks competition is open now (and has been since late morning Wednesday) online and at the clubhouse PSI Monitors. Thank you.


Putters Inn Thursday 31st August Menu

Dear Members,

Attached you can find 31st August evening Menu.
Please call us if you wish to book a table.


Putterns Inn

Stars and Stripes V4


Please note that for this greensomes the handicap allowance will be half of your combined handicap (as published on the competition rules and procedures on the web site) and Not the usual formula used for a greensome competition.

The rules for this competition state that only a mixed team is eligible to win. There will be a Trophy for the winners and a runners up prize.

Yoga Class – 1st September

Dear Members,

Yoga class will start on 1 September 2017.

Yoga class special for golf ! Kick of for the new season.

This is a mixed class. Beginners welcome



Ladies Running Competitions


Good morning,

The Running Competitions for the season 2017-2018 are now available to be signed up for using the PSI screens at the RMGC Clubhouse. There will be no sign up sheets available elsewhere.

The card you currently use to purchase food and beverages from the bar contains a separate wallet, and requires topping up with funds, prior, to signing up. (Competitions, entry fees and draw dates are in the attached below). This is required to be done in the office.

Funds from the competition side of the wallet are not transferable to the bar side and vice versa. Top up of the bar wallet may only be made at the bar, and likewise, top up of the competition wallet may only be made in the office. The two wallets are totally  separate.

Top up, sign up!

Stars and Stripes Trophy 31 August

Please note that this is a mixed Greensome Medal competition where you can choose your own partner.

Teams must be mixed. If you play 2 men together or 2 ladies, you will not be eligible to win the trophy.

There will be prizes for the winners and the runners up.

We are extending the sign up for this competition until Wednesday at 10am.

Any questions, please call Lesley 79009033

Results of Captain v Vice Captain & The InterContinental Malta August Medal Presentation

A win by the Vice Captain over the Captain by a margin a politician wold have been proud of! Well done Thomas and his team!


The Captain handing over the trophy to Thomas in traditional style, and not that recommended by the Chairman!

Danny Holland being congratulated on equalling the course record, 61, during THe InterContinental Malta August Medal.


Winner of Division I of The InterContinental Malta August Medal – Steve Dodd.


Stewart Davies, winner of Division II of The InterContinental Malta August Medal.


And finally, winner of Division III, and overall lowest nett score, Antonio Marchi, represented below by his son, Fillipo. Congratulations to you, and we will be sorry to see you and the family leave in the early part of September, back to Italy. We wish you well.


As a reminder, next week see’s the commencement of a new golf season at the RMGC, and that means only those with a valid Doctor’s certificate, lodged in the Golf Shop will be entitled to use buggies during qualifying rounds.

Thank you.


Results from Mixed Qualifier 24th August

36 players entered with a good combination of Ladies and Gentlemen. The top scorers were the men with the best scores being 38: Vince Portelli, Filippo Marchi and Klaus Hummel.


Best Overall : Vince Portelli

Best Man : Filippo Marchi

Best Lady : Monique Petiot



Daniel Holland (-2) 2 @ 15th
Nigel Hall (18) 2 @ 3rd
Gun Edlund (19) 2 @ 15th

img_5440 img_5441


Captain v Vice Captain Saturday 26th August 2017 v2

Those playing for the Captain are requested to wear WHITE tops, and the Vice Captain are kindly requested to wear BLUE tops.

Players are required to complete a full round, scoring one point for a win, half if hole halved and an extra point for the overall win.

There will be a pasta Buffet on completion of the round, and the presentation for The InterContinental Malta August Medal.