Ladies ‘Yoga by Yvonne’ Telford Results

This morning the ladies played a non-qualifying Telford format.  This was sponsored by ‘Yoga by Yvonne’, Yvonne Van Beek generously sponsored the event, giving each participating lady a free yoga session, in addition to the first and second prize winners.

Our Lady Captain, Marianne Schaefer Noll came in with 33 points as did Gina Turkington, Gina was awarded first prize on a countback of 3.

Gina won 5 yoga sessions and Marianne won 3.

Maureen Borg was the only lady to score a two today.

RE/MAX ALLIANCE Captains’ League – Round 6 Start Sheet (Men) v3

RE/MAX ALLIANCE Captains’ League Round 6 (v3)


Now we are moving into that phase of the League where poor scores are dropped because, as you know, only the top 5 rounds count for the individual score and team scores. The top five team scores do not have to be the top player scores.

Please find start sheet below:

20190302 RE MAX ALLIANCE Captains’ League – Round 6 – Friday3

20190302 RE MAX ALLIANCE Captains’ League – Round 6 – Saturday2


  • New local rule in place to account for the significant damage to our course.
  • Please come to the presentation by Scott Macpherson, course architect, on the potential new course layout (par 70).




Course update – course re-opening on Thursday 28th. New 5th green opening 28th too

Sadly, due to the fact that not all trees have been safely dealt with yet – coupled with the course being saturated from last weekends and last nights rain, means that the re-opening of the course is now planned for Thursday am in time for the Ladies competition.

Thursday will also see the opening of the new 5th green and new Ladies tee. All yardages for the 5th have been incorporated in the new scorecards.


Telford – Sponsored by Yoga by Yvonne – Version 2


Please be aware that there are new temporary Local Rules which are in effect after the storm.  These are displayed on the RMGC website, below and also on the Notice Board.

Please also note that the New Green on the 5th will be open for the first time on Thursday.  Please do remember to repair any pitch marks on All Greens.

20190228 Yoga by Yvonne


The current temporary rules advertised remain in force, in addition, due to the
storms over the weekend 23rd & 24th February the following temporary local
rules are implemented:

The following areas are defined as Ground Under Repair, (G.U.R.)
Fallen trees (1), uprooted tree stumps (2), and associated disturbed ground (2), natural materials piled for removal by ground staff (2).

1. Fallen tree: If you are certain or virtually certain that you your ball has
come to rest under a fallen or felled tree, free relief may be taken.
2. Uprooted stumps and associated disturbed ground, natural materials
piled and awaiting removal MUST be either interfering with your stance
or swing before free relief may be taken.

Free relief to be taken as follows:
Nearest point of relief, one club length, no nearer the hole.

This rule is in force until further notice.

Competition Committee
26th February 2019

Reminding you all that on the 2nd March  at 13;30 Scott MacPherson will be at the RMGC.   The purpose of the meeting is to present the club’s initial ideas for a small but significant change in course.


Ladies Committee


Men’s / Mixed Competition Extensions

Extensions to current knockout competitions


Given the weather this weekend with gale force winds the below competitions are extended:

  • Rundle Rosebowl – Quarter Final extended from 24th February to 10th March – other rounds not extended
  • Creasy Cup – Next Round extended from the 3rd or March to the 10th of March – other rounds not extended
  • Mixed 4BBB – Round 1 extended from 3rd March to 10th March – other rounds not extended
  • Foursomes Challenge – Round 3 extended from 10th March to 17th March – other rounds not extended
  • Glover Cup – Quarterfinal extended from 24th February to 10th March, Semi Final extended from 17th March to 24th March – final not extended
  • R&A – Round 3 extended from 3rd March to 10th March – other rounds not extended


Notice of informal meeting Re Future Course Development @ RMGC– Saturday 2nd March 2019 @ 13.30

Notice of informal meeting – Saturday 2nd March 2019 @ 13.30


Dear Member,


As communicated in previous newsletters and subsequent announcements we will be holding an informal meeting at the RMGC on Saturday 2nd March @ 13.30. The purpose of the meeting is to present the club’s initial ideas for a small but significant change in course routing that will see, potentially, the course become a par 70 with an extra 230 or so yards in length. We will also be presenting our ideas around the USGA spec greens initiative we have previously talked of. We will also explain how we intend to develop an overall Course Development Policy that will encompass not only these two initiatives but also water quality, a significant tree planting program (all the more important after last weekend), upgrades to the irrigation system, academy facilities and the deliverance of a policy on Environment with GEO certification –


We have invited the golf architect that we have selected for the project/s, Scott Macpherson, to fly in and address the meeting. Scott will be explaining the benefits of having USGA greens and also presenting the re-routing option that he has designed whilst in the process of looking at the re-design of our greens. We will take council from those present on the phasing of any works and give our ideas on how the club will finance the plan – always subject to agreement by the membership of course.


The meeting will take the form of a couple of short presentations followed by a question and answer session with Scott and the BOM. Thereafter, for those who wish to ‘walk’ the potential new layout Scott will accompany you and talk you through his vision and thoughts.


We do urge you to attend on Saturday if you are able as we see these initiatives as a fundamental part of “finishing the job” at the RMGC (not before time I hear you say in your 130th year……)


RMGC Board of Management

Apres Storm Temporary Local Rules

With immediate effect the attached Local Temporary Rules come into affect in order to ensure that all have an equal chance. Many trees have been damaged,  or been blown down, or had to be felled as they were in a dangerous state and the resultant debris left, has meant that a certain amount of time will be required to get the course back in order.

Many of the members lent a helping hand today, Tuesday 26th February, to assist in clearing the fairways in order that machinery can get to and cut the fairways without damaging the blades, thanks to all of those from the Ladies, Men’s, and the Junior section who lent a hand.

Temporary Rule after February 2019 storms

Re/Max Alliance Captains League Rd 5 (Mens)



Thanks again to the sponsor Re/Max Alliance for their sponsorship of this seasons

Captains League.

A very good turn out and very close result.

Due to a technical glitch season OOM and Eclectics will follow when resolved.


Captains Lg Rd 5 Result



Mens Handicap List


OOM Overall

Gross Eclectic

Net Eclectic



Winner on countback with 42 pts Mr Ed Sullivan

Runner up also with 42 pts Mr Keith Pretty.

RE/MAX ALLIANCE Captain’s League results – Round 5

Captain’s League after round 5

The League is tight at the top now with Team Allsopp and Team Jacobsen separated by one point. But as round 6 is played the worst scores are dropped as only the top 5 scores count so all to play for! Well done to David Debono’s Team who won round 5.

Individual players’ scores has Ingo Sausmekat at the top leading by six points, but again with the trailing players having some low scores to drop the top spot is still up for grabs.

20190214 Captain’s League after Rd 5


Course update after storms

You will no doubt have seen the initial photos of the catastrophic damage to the course, range and clubhouse. The photos hereunder are a more graphic picture of what we found on Sunday night/Monday morning.

The Green keepers are currently rendering damaged all trees safe and have begun the monumental task of trying to clear the debris. As soon as the trees have been rendered safe then we can technically re-open the course; albeit that there will still be felled trees and ground debris literally everywhere. In tandem with this the Captain has mustered volunteers to help clear the fairways and greens of smaller foliage.

In readiness for re-opening the Captains Committee are drafting a local rule that will allow play to take place. Our current thought is that if works progress according to plan then we should reopen the course on Wednesday at 09.00.

Once the course does reopen we solicit your understanding, patience and goodwill towards those who are working hard on the course to clear the mess up.

Paul Stoner

Chairman RMGC