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Happy Gilmores Reminder

Happy Gilmores Reminder

9 Hole Competition

Friday 12th April @ 2PM

New members welcome!

Warm up session with the Professional

Chat + Free Drink in the bar afterwards

Sign Up on the PSI in the clubhouse

Or email Eugene Cranley on [email protected]

Entry Fee €5.00

Blue Butterfly sponsored by Blevins Franks (Mixed Stableford) v5

Blue Butterfly Mixed Singles’ Stableford

This event is proudly sponsored by Blevins Franks.

REMINDER: Clocks go FORWARD Saturday night!

It is a mixed singles’ Stableford competition played to raise funds for the Environment Committee. A Trophy is available as well as prizes for Best Lady, Best Man, and Best Overall.

Please find start sheet below:

20190331 Blue Butterfly sponsored by Blevins Franks


Ladies Blevins Franks Medal Handicap Cup Results

On Thursday the ladies played day 2 of The Blevins Franks Medal Handicap Cup.  Day 1 was played in incredibly challenging wet and windy conditions.  Day 2 the opposite, warm and sunny.

A huge thank you to the sponsor representative Sarah for attending.

Winners Silver Division:

Day 1 winner – Mia Allsopp Nett 72

Day 2 winner – Maria Woodward Nett 73

Overall winner – Mia Allsopp Nett 150

Overall runner-up – Maria Woodard Nett 152

Winners Bronze Division:

Day 1 winner – Daniella Scudamore Nett 74

Day 2 winner – Geraldine Cranley Nett 75

Overall winner – Geraldine Cranley Nett 150

Overall runner-up – Joanne Cassar Nett 152

Twos for the tournament were Maria Woodward and Debbie Holland.

Full Results as follows:

Day 1

Day 2

Combined 2 Day Full Result

Ladies Handicaps


OOM updated


Buggies Allowed back on course. 29 march 2019

Winter Rules

The Temporary Rules regarding lift and place have been removed with effect of the 26th March 2019.

You are reminded that within the New Rules of Golf – 2019, an embedded ball within the General Area, may be lifted, cleaned and placed in accordance with Rule 16.3. This does not apply to penalty areas.

When Relief Is Allowed

(1) Ball Must Be Embedded in General Area. Relief is allowed under Rule 16.3b only when a player’s ball is embedded in the general area.

  • There is no relief under this Rule if the ball is embedded anywhere except in the general area.
  • But if the ball is embedded on the putting green, the player may mark the spot of the ball and lift and clean the ball, repair the damage caused by the ball’s impact, and replace the ball on its original spot (see Rule 13.1c(2)).

 Determining Whether Ball Is Embedded. A player’s ball is embedded only if:

  • It is in its own pitch-mark made as a result of the player’s previous stroke, and
  • Part of the ball is below the level of the ground.

If the player cannot tell for sure whether the ball is in its own pitch-mark or a pitch-mark made by another ball, the player may treat the ball as embedded if it is reasonable to conclude from the available information that the ball is in its own pitch-mark.

A ball is not embedded if it is below the level of the ground as a result of anything other than the player’s previous stroke, such as when:

  • The ball is pushed into the ground by someone stepping on it,
  • The ball is driven straight into the ground without becoming airborne, or
  • The ball was dropped in taking relief under a Rule.
Captain’s Committee

Course open. No buggies allowed today 28 march 2019

The BOV Monthly Medal: April Start Sheet (Men) v5

April Monthly Medal – Summer Friday Times 12:00-13:00


The BOV Monthly Medal for April is just at the end of March, and hopefully, weather permitting will be enjoyable for all.

Please find the start sheets below:

20190329 BOV April Medal – Friday

20190330 BOV April Medal – Saturday

Reminder: Winter Rules are now no longer in effect, you must play the ball as it lies through the green, no pick and place.


Due to excessive rainfall, course closed 27.03.19

Medal Handicap Round 2 – Sponsored by Blevins Franks – V3


A few things to be aware of please:

  1. The Sponsor will be awarding prizes for the Winners and Runners up from both Divisions on completion of the competition, please show your support by remaining behind for the presentation.
  2. There will be a Vegetarian Lunch provided after the match.
  3. Winter Rules are no longer in force, please continue to check Local Rules on the Notice Board in the Foyer.

20190328 Medal Handicap Sponsored by Blevins Franks Round 2

Medal Handicap Round 1 Results

Along with the notes above the following are for your information and assistance.

From the 15th April to the 17th April the RMGC will be hosting the Malta Junior Open Competitions.  Irwin Gratil – Director of the RMGC Junior Golf Academy, is seeking volunteers for either one, two or all three days to assist with the running, marking and ball spotting during the competitions.Please forward names of volunteers to a member of the committee.

On the 31st March ((Freedom Day) there is a Mixed Competition – Blue Butterfly Trophy. If you have not signed up as yet there are still a few places available.  If you are signed up, please be reminded the clocks go forward early on Sunday 31st March


Ladies Committee