2019 Captains’ League Summary

Captains’ League 2019


Well, what a finish to a fantastic league competition, sponsored by RE/MAX ALLIANCE!

With a 16 point swing in the last round to pip leaders after 6 rounds Team Jacobsen, the league was won by the deserving Team Allsopp! They finished with 907 points for the best 5 rounds of seven, winning by just 2 points.

Despite best efforts to find an error in the result from the, not at all bitter, comp sec, the results are now verified, please see below:

2019 Captain’s League


Ladies May Monthly Medal – Sponsored by IBM – V2


Please Note: Slight change in time for the last few flights

The penultimate Medal Round has arrived.  Have a good game everyone.

For those that wish to participate in the Quiz Night, this is on the 14th May.  For only €10 you not only get to test your knowledge in a fun way, but you will also be fed.

20190502 IBM – May Monthly Medal


Ladies Committee

Homes of Quality (Mixed)



A wonderful turnout and very nice weather for this stableford event played over 2 rounds.

Many thanks to the Sponsor Homes of Quality and Mr Frank Salt for their generous support.

Amid some very impressive scoring, one player really shone.

Congratulations to young Finley Gratil for an incredible 45 pts on day 2 to secure the overall win. Total 80 pts.

Runner up was Mr Gernot Schmid with 79 pts and 3rd Mr Nigel hall with 77 pts.

Congratulations to the Best Lady with a fabulous overall score of 77 pts.

Runner up was Mrs Jan Stibbs with 71 pts.

Apologies, as it seems no Photographs are available at this time. If anyone has of the winners please forward to

[email protected]


HOQ Overall Result

HOQ Day 2 Result(1)



Mens Handicaps

Mens Gross Eclectic

Mens Net Eclectic

Mens OOMPrintReport

Mens SeasonOOM

Ladies Handicaps

Inspire Step Aside Scramble V5

We need three extra players to complete a flight, contact [email protected] to join in.

Inspire Step Aside Scramble.
Played as a normal scramble except that the player whose ball is selected ‘steps aside’ and doesn’t play the next shot.

On the starting tee all four players tee off. Player A’s drive is selected so only Players B, C & D play the second shot. Player B’s second shot is selected and ‘steps aside’ while Player A, C & D play the third shot and so on until the ball is in the hole and the score for the hole is determined. Whoever sinks the putt the ‘steps aside’ and only three players tee off on the next hole. Players may take their shots in any order as this is part of the tactics of the game. Each player must get in a minimum of three drives keeping in mind that if you hole the putt you can’t drive at the next hole, this is also part of the tactics.

Remember, apart from your opening hole only three players tee off on each hole.

There will a light lunch provided after the presentation.

1st Tee
08:00 G. Schmid / A. Macdonald / P. Howes / R. Howes (6.5)
08:10 D. Ellis / K. Woodward / G. Pickles / J. Boyle (9.1)
08:20 M. Azzopardi / P. Baldacchino / I. Tabone / J. Camilleri (6.4)
08:30 N. Hall / D. Allsopp / A. Holland / D. Holland (4.9)
08:40 B. Mangion / V. Denaro / N. Urpani / A. Scudamore (5.1)
08:50 M. Keskintepe / C. Milet / V. Scott / R. Keskintepe (10.8)
09:00 M. Hall / G. Turkington / E. Cranley / G. Cranley (9.4)

8th Tee
08:20 C. Christmas / T. Jacobsen / N. Boyd / A. Thompson (8.6)
08:30 G. Iles / H. Gray / J. Awad / M. Dunlavy (8.4)
08:40 J. Micallef / K. Laferla / C. Stergar / A. Borg (3.0)
08:50 K. Hummel / M. Siddall / L. Schulze – Doering / F. Schulze-Doering (4.6)

11th Tee
08:10 R. Bradshaw / S. Bradshaw / I. Faure / M. Hollingsworth (8.0)
08:20 H. Koerling / S. Davies / H. Froehlich / K. Vahsen (6.8)
08:30 P. Van Coillie / M. Borain / J. Vassallo / C. Hans (10.8)
08:40 V. Portelli / C. Akkerhuis-Mallia / T. Vella / E. Akkerhuis (10.1)
08:50 R. Meaker / S. Sciberras / A. Sciberras / Y. Uechi (9.6)
09:00 M. Waterhouse / R. Waterhouse / S. Knights / E. Sullivan (8.0)

14th Tee
08:00 J. Karhu / P. Ekmark / H. Fagerlund/ M. Kujapelto* (5.5)     * To pay €10 at reception
08:10 D. Hansen / G. Baines / C. Rickards / K. Borg (7.7)
08:20 R. Reeves / S. Reeves / I. Gratil / F. Gratil (4.7)
08:30 A. Mizzi / D. Urpani / J. Sullivan (Sully) / M. Mangion (7.1)

Ladies Handicaps

Ladies Handicaps



Homes of Quality

Overall Result

Homes of Quality Day 1 (mixed)

Result Day One.



Gross Eclectic (Men)

Net Eclectic (Men)

Mens Handicaps

Please Note: Day one Handicaps retained for Day Two.

Homes of Quality Day 2 (Please check you can play) v2

Homes of Quality Day 2


IMPORTANT: Day 2 allows for the top 72 (13 ladies and 59 men, plus two extra flights) to play, we checked all the cards and messages, however, if you are on the start-sheet and cannot play please inform the comp sec immediately as we have other players waiting to play.

Congratulations to Gernot Schmid who is currently leading overall and the men, and congratulations to Jan Stibbs who is leading the ladies.

Start sheet for Sunday:

20190428 HoQ Men – Sun

Again the sponsor’s invitations will play as they all made the cut so please continue to welcome Malcolm Keen, Stephen Grant, and Gary Higginbotham.

A note of prizes: there is a prize for the best overall and best Man, and best Lady. You must be in attendance on Sunday to receive prize otherwise next in line will receive it.



Homes of Quality Day 1 (Men v2)

Homes of Quality Day 1 (v2)


An intense finish to the season with many multiple day competitions happening close together and this weekend is no different with this 2-day competition. Day 1 is played this Friday and Saturday for the men with start sheets below:

20190427 HoQ Men – Fri

20190427 HoQ Men – Sat

Day 2 is played this Sunday; Please be aware that only 72 members can play on Sunday made up from the best Men and Ladies from Day 1 (by the proportion of entry). Therefore please make sure to inform the competition secretary if you cannot play Sunday (failure to do so will be severely looked down upon – i.e. a ban)

We also have some invited players in attendance from the sponsor, our own Malcolm Keen, a professional golfer Stephen Grant, and a visitor Gary Higginbotham – please welcome them warmly.

A note of prizes: there is a prize for the best overall and best Man, and best Lady. You must be in attendance on Sunday to receive prize otherwise next in line will receive it.



Ladies – Homes of Quality Individual Stableford – V2


Remember to add three extra shots to your handicap on Both Days. Handicap to be retained from Day One for second day, regardless of previous day’s score.  Please mark your card if you are not playing on Sunday.

Weather is beginning to look promising.  Please remember your suntan lotion and loads of water.

20190425 Ladies Homes of Quality – Individual Stableford


Ladies Committee