Passing of Gustav Ricci

Course Open, Buggies & Trolleys stay outside blue exclusion zone

Face Masks from Servizo-PPE

Golf Shop Temporary Opening Hours

Bye-Law #7

The Board of Management has approved Bye-Law #7, effective immediately, concerning the postponement of AGMs

BRS Booking System

It would seem that the ability for us to offer 3 and 4 balls from the get go rather than the originally planned 2 balls has not created the expected logjam of bookings. We are therefore pleased to be able to inform you that we are able to operate open bookings for all members with immediate effect.

Board of Management

Royal Malta Golf Club

22nd May 2020

Welcome Back

Welcome back, but…..

We are welcoming you back to the RMGC almost to the day that the World Health Organisation have announced that the COVID19 virus has infected over 5,000,000 people already around the world. The death rate has reached a 333,000, almost a 100,000 in the USA alone, and counting and the virus shows no sign of going away. This message therefore is to implore you, as members of a golf club that has over 50% of its membership categorised as vulnerable in terms of COVID19 regulations, to be extra careful and extra prudent when you visit the club in the coming days; especially with, but not limited to, our older members. Please keep that extra metre away, extend every courtesy you can, and help everyone feel comfortable and safe in their second home. And, let’s please show some patience and tolerance as we all try and adapt to the ‘new normal’.

We have been fortunate (in theory at least) in Malta that Government has relaxed measures to the extent that we are able to start golf in groups up to 4. That is not the industry standard though, with the ‘new normal’ being either 1 or 2 balls, very widely spaced out. Extra caution must therefore be employed please when playing as 3 or 4 balls, making sure that extreme social distancing is practiced from the moment you arrive at the club to the time you leave. We are again attaching the terms and conditions of our reopening and would ask that EVERYBODY reads them before they come to the RMGC – it is vital that you do so.

In summary, in enjoying your golf game please ensure that you follow strict social distancing rules at all times.

Play safe, Stay safe.

Board of Management

Royal Malta Golf Club 21st May 2020

Putter’s Inn resumes service Friday 22nd May

Open for Golf

Play Safe, Stay Safe

We are delighted to be able to welcome you back to the RMGC from Friday next. We are able to open under the attached rules which will remain in force for the next few weeks. Their primary focus is your health and safety. Please read them carefully as they contain all you need to know about starting to golf again, including booking.

We will update these rules as and when Government makes further announcements.

Enjoy your golf and be careful out there.  

Board of Management

Royal Malta Golf Club

19th May 2020

COVID19 Restrictions Lifted?

It is our understanding that this evening’s announcement of further relaxation measures in relation to the COVID19 restrictions will allow us to re commence golfing activities in the coming days. Although Government mentioned non contact sports, golf was not mentioned specifically and we will have to wait until Government’s Legal Notice is published to be 100% sure we are included.

We will update the membership tomorrow, including the rules and regulations under which we will need to operate, and how to book a tee time. No bookings will be accepted at this time. 

Board of management