Allsopp’s Challenge

Dear Members, unfortunately, the original Texas Scramble Competition and Lunch booked on Public Holiday – Sunday 13th December 2020, sponsored by Dave and Michelle Allsopp for their farewell to Malta and to the RMGC Members and Friends, has now been rearranged to Wednesday 24th March 2021. This is due to the current Covid 19 Social Distancing measures. Hopefully all can prevail on the rearranged date. Dave and Michelle will fly back into Malta for this event.

Kind Regards,

CaptainRichard Waterhouse

Captains’ Monthly Draw

The first edition of the Captains’ Draw was held today and can be viewed hereunder (please excuse the masks and sound).

Congratulations to the inaugural five lucky prize winners.

Going forward, the draw will be held at month end and the prizes will vary from month to month. Remember guys and gals, your free entrance to the draw happens when you play in an official RMGC competition and you gain an entry each and every time you play a competition within the month concerned.

A huge thank you to Nigel Hall for designing and coding the software application that operates the draw and to Eugene Cranley and Beverley Hall for conceiving it !

Yours in golf,

Paul Stoner
Royal Malta Golf Club


Holes 1>7, 14>18 Open with buggies restricted to deep rough, trolleys 5m away from greens and tees. GM

Fenston Rd 2 Results

Overall winner : Mr Henry Redknap with 42 points

Team Lindt Chocolate and Team Royal Malta Golf Shop shared the top points today with 183 each .Well done to both teams but there can only be one winner

Team Lindt Chocolate : Overall Winner Rd 2

Rules & Procedures : PRIZES: A prize of €12 is awarded to each member of the winning team who played that round. In the event of a tie for first place the winning team is determined by adding the 6th score to that team, and so on, until there is a clear winner. 

Round 2 :Team Standings 

Team Vileda 10 points

Team Lindt Chocolate 7.5 points

Team Active Assist 7.5 points

Team Royal Malta Golf Shop 6.5 points

Team Simpsons 5.5 points 

Team Advise  5 points 

Wine Draw Ladies:Mrs Sue Wibrew

Wine Draw Men:Mr Stephen Pandolfino


Mr Jack Lutman [email protected] 13th

Mr Paul Howes [email protected] 17th 

Mr Heinrich Koerling [email protected] 7th, [email protected] 17th 

Mr Andrew Borg [email protected] 6th

Mr Alan Dixon [email protected] 6th 

Mr Peter Dimech [email protected] 6th, [email protected] 17th 

Mr Andrew Featherstone [email protected] 5th 

Mr Laurens Schulze-Doering [email protected] 5th 

Mr Stewart Davies [email protected] 6th

Save The Date:

“Roses are Red Violets are Blue i shanked that ball because i was looking at you”

Our next Fenston Round 3 is St.Valentine’s Day 14th Feb.

Handicap Sec G Cranley

Handicap List & Eclectic reports – updated

Gents, below are updated eclectic reports following the Harry Vardon Comp. Apologies for last week’s report which had not matched your results. We are still working on updating the overall OOM report and hope to have this for you later in the week.

A nice change from the usual weekly comp. where the aggregate score of paired partners counted, putting us on double the pressure of a medal and wanting to do better for your partner. A big thank you to our sponsor – BELVINS FRANKS and congratulations to all winners and participants.

Would like to remind you all to confirm your playing handicap before your round and to REPAIR ALL PITCH MARKS PLEASE.

Next up – BOV Monthly Medal

Enjoy your rounds,

Benji, Handicap Sec.

The Harry Vardon Trophy, sponsored by Blevins Franks – results

Fifty-eight pairs, together with Erik Nordstrom and his younger brother Adam as guest (nice gesture, Erik!), weaved through patches of good and not-so-good weather to compete in this year’s Harry Vardon Trophy which, for the past four years, has been sponsored by Blevins Franks (Malta).

Living In Malta, Tax Efficient Solutions - Blevins Franks

Blevins Franks have partnered with Royal Malta Golf Club since 2016, and are now in their fifth year of sponsoring us. We appreciate their loyalty and their support in a difficult year. Blevins Franks are the leading international tax and wealth management advisers to UK nationals living in Europe. For more information, follow the link below to contact Kevin Cassar, Regional Manager or Peter Worthington, Senior Partner, here in Malta:

Back to the comp. The only pair where both contestants scored under handicap, Keith Pretty nett 63 and Keith Woodward nett 67, emerged clear winners with a combined score of 130. Keith and Keith were three strokes ahead of Tore Lindtveit (65) and Tomas Bergendal (68) with a combined 133, and five ahead of John Finnighan (66) and Alan Dixon (69) with a combined 135. Well done to all three pairs, who individually collect prize vouchers of €50, €30, and €20 respectively.

For the first time, this pairs-aggregate-medal competition was set-up as qualifying and with order of merit points. Not surprising, it attracted 117 competitors. Top man was Ivan Faure with a nett 62, followed by David Allsopp and already-mentioned Keith Pretty, both with nett 63. Gary Baines, with nett 65, was 4th on countback. With the one-prize rule in operation, Ivan, David and Gary collect €50, €30 and €20 prize vouchers respectively.

Fourteen Twos in total for five balls each.

We’re back to the BOV Monthly Medal this coming weekend. Book your slot asap, as we hope the weather continues to be kind to us come Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Enjoy your golf,

Victor, CompSec

Happy Gilmores – Christmas Competition

Happy Gilmores Annual 9 hole Christmas Competition outing , this December 11th

Starting at 1,30

We look forward to seeing all our friends 

Lots of prizes

Unfortunately no party allowed , but lots of fun and useless prizes 

Sign up on Howdidido or at Reception 

Golfully yours

Eugene and the HGs team

Ladies Stableford Results

Ladies Stableford Results 26th Nov 2020: plus extra prizes went too! 
Overall Winner: Mrs Heleen Boonstra-Kloos with 39 points.
Runner Up: Ms Guan Mingqi with 38 points.
Ladies Nearest the Pin on the 17th: Mrs Violeta Scott.
Ladies Nearest the line on the 4th: Mrs Maria Woodward. 
Two’s :Mrs Eileen Borg on the 5th.

Next week is our December Monthly Medal, kindly sponsored by Mr Anton Christina IBM.
Handicap Sec  G Cranley

Friday 27 Nov Course Open Buggies Permitted – in deep rough only!