New Health Regulations

We have been informed by the Health Authorities that as from next Wednesday, 31st March 2021, sports must be played in groups of no more than two persons. This will remain in force until the 11th April 2021.

In order to preserve already booked tee times for our members, we are splitting the bookings into 2 balls spaced every 6 minutes. Therefore your booked tee time may be 6 minutes before or 6 minutes after its original time but still intact. 3 balls are being split in to 2 balls and a 1 ball and it is up to you to decide how you play.

At the risk of stating the obvious, please maintain your social distance at all times when at the club and follow all the rules and guidelines in play.

Board of Management
Royal Malta Golf Club

29th March 2021

Bookings are now open for Sunday and Monday

Dear Member,

You may now book another tee time for Sunday or Monday.
Those who were unable to get a tee time have now had ample time to book a tee time.

Please note that ‘Reserved by‘ is only meant to close a tee time as a so called ‘Bubble’ and not to reserve the time for a player.

Important Notice

Dear Member

A staff member will be on duty to handle the timesheet, bookings and rental equipment from 06:45 to 14:30 daily during the next 10 days. No rental equipment will go out after 14:30. This is due to staff shortages affected by covid-19.

The restaurant take away facility is reopening daily from Saturday from 07:30 to 17:30, the service is expressly grab and go. 

The clubhouse will be closed daily during the next week at approximately 18:30. Those members teeing off late afternoon are requested to have stored their equipment and collected personal effects by latest 18:15. 

Members can still phone reception or email bookings from 14:30 until 18:00 as we will have a staff member remotely monitoring the phone lines and email to assist with future reservations and enquiries.

Just for the time being, we have added an option to the BRS booking system, so that you can close your own booking as a ‘Bubble’. It is the option to add ‘Reserved by’ on your booking. Kindly note that it is your own responsibility to close the booking, reception staff will not resolve issues of other members booking into your flight.

Over the first 72 hours we will be limiting each member to one round of golf, this will give all members the chance to play. Once we see demand has dissipated a member can then book a second round. 

Whilst competition golf is on hold, Course maintenance staff have started the construction of forward tee boxes and turfing of weak areas around the course, please avoid these roped off areas.

Lastly and due to covid-19 restrictions, the water fountain close to the 11th tee is unavailable, use of the showers and change room is prohibited and as golf is not a high intensity sport, all players must wear a face cover at all times.


Phil Luxon


Good news at last

Dear Members,

We have today received notice from the Health Ministry that we are able to resume social golf at the RMGC. The restrictions on all forms of competition golf however remain in play until the 11th April 2021. I am delighted to inform you therefore that Phil and his team have already begun setting up the golf course and practice facilities for play with a view to opening on Saturday next, 20th March. The BRS booking system is being prepared with tee times being set at 15 minute intervals. The booking system will therefore open at 12.00 tomorrow. There will be no restriction on the number of people in a flight – obvious with a maximum of 4, but if you wish to play in your own bubble then please feel free to do so.

We are obliged to wear masks at all times when at the club and it is advised that this includes whilst playing or practicing.

From a clubhouse perspective we will be able to run a limited rental service (we have staff in quarantine and self-isolating) but please book your needs well in advance. The bar and restaurant remain closed but a take away service will be available on course as before. The golf shop remains closed but Henning will be available for lessons from Saturday too.

We will send you more information tomorrow but just wanted to communicate that we are back in business !

Paul Stoner
Royal Malta Golf Club

17th March 2021

Golf Club Lockdown Communications

Dear Member

During this latest government imposed lockdown, we will be available to answer your telephone calls between the hours of 10:00 and 14:00 on a weekday, but you can send us an email at any time of the day which we will answer promptly. Service provisions will be scaled down to email responses during the weekends and public holidays. At some stage over the next 2 weeks I will open up the time sheet well in advance of the stated re-opening date of 11th April, we will inform you when this happens. We will also immediately communicate to all members if and when we have a news update and/or development from government regarding this latest covid-19 restriction on sport.

Take Care


Phil luxon


Access to Personal Belongings

Clubs and personal belongings may be removed from the RMGC premises between 1100-1200 tomorrow,  Friday 12th March.  
Stay safe. See you in April.

R Waterhouse Captain RMGC 

Immediate closure of all sports facilities by Government Legal Notice

Following tonight’s press conference at which Government further extended COVID19 measures in light of the dangerous levels of active cases, we are instructed that all forms of sport must cease until the 11th April 2021.

It is with great regret therefore that we write to inform you that the Marsa Sports Club and the Royal Malta Golf Club will be closed with immediate effect.

Once the relevant legal notice is published we will be in a better position to give you fuller information. 

The RMGC acknowledges the importance of sports and the mental wellbeing of its members, and therefore we urge all members to stay active and healthy. 

Paul Stoner


Royal Malta Golf Club 

10th March 2021

Extra vigilance please and extra measures

Sadly, today Malta will announce a new record of COVID19 positive cases for a single day. This astronomical upturn has placed both the Hospital and indeed the Health Department Support Services under unprecedented pressure, with the 4th and last Intensive Care Unit at Mater Dei Hospital opening yesterday evening, COVID test results taking several days and Contact Tracing so far behind it is scary.

Recognisant of these pressures we are urging all members to be extra vigilant in their personal lives and extra careful when attending the golf club. Hereunder some reminders of your obligations:-

          It is your duty of are care if you do come in contact with someone who is either symptomatic or who has tested positive to self-isolate and stay indoors for 14 days

          Full details here

If you have travelled abroad, you must adhere to Malta’s strict regimen of measures in relation to incoming passengers

Full details here

          You must abide by the RMGC’s own COVID19 policy

          Full details here   

As an extra level of protection to our office staff we have today made our offices and reception ‘out of bounds’ to all non-employees and our golf shop will be operated across a spaced counter in the doorway. Please respect these boundaries and above all the our staff.

To summise, your safety lies firmly within your own remit. If people come too close then just tell them politely to step back/move away. Avoid crowded places, huddles and wear your masks correctly at all times (we simply cannot breath through our chins or pockets !). And, most importantly of all, afford others the very same courtesies you would expect for yourselves.

Let’s collectively redouble our efforts please and keep the RMGC a safe haven for all.

Be well.

Paul Stoner


Royal Malta Golf Club

Cancellation of planned Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)

In light of Government’s recently introduced extra measures in respect of the COVID19 pandemic, the EGM called for late March cannot now happen. We will look at a revised date when it is safe and legal to do so.

Board of Management

6th March 2021

Closure of showers and water fountain due to new COVID restrictions

We are today in receipt of the latest rules and regulations from SportMalta in respect of the can and cannot do’s for sports after the tightening of COVID19 rules by Government earlier this week.
Unfortunately, the new rules forbid the use of showers in the clubhouse and the water fountain out on the course. We will be taking the opportunity during this closure to upgrade the men’s shower room mixers and balance the supply. We will also be installing a second water fountain in the clubs locker room in readiness for the removal of the rules.

Board of Management RMGC

6th March 2021