Notice of EGM 2021

Simply Simple

Etiquette and Common Rules for the benefit of all members

This is the only course in Malta, and therefore receives a great deal of use, and in order to ensure that we do not abuse the course, there are some damage limitation procedures in place. Rather than take a draconian stance, the committee are requesting that all members obey the simple instructions below, some of which, are mentioned on the scorecard.


Players should give way:

When playing from the 4th tee to players on the 15th green

When playing to the 12th green to players on the 13th tee.

When playing to the 14th green to players on the 15th tee.

When playing the 17th hole to players on the 18th tee.

When playing to the 18th green to players on the 1st tee.

Blue Lines:

The blue lines are in place to protect the heavily utilised areas surrounding the greens, a ball in this area deserves to have every chance of having a good lie, and therefore trolleys and buggies should NOT encroach in this area at all.

In order for the above to be a success, we ask that you remind others in your flight to pay attention and abide by these simple instructions.

Nothing bad will happen if you let a faster group through that are behind you. If carried out correctly, you will not be held up. The bonus is that you will be thanked. Keep up with the flight in front, not in front of the flight behind!

Happy Golfing

Captains Committee

April 2021

Temporary tee box @ 1st hole

The final works have begun today to complete the area in front of the clubhouse. This will entail placement of new poles and netting, reinstatement and turfing of the area that is being returned to the course and thereafter the establishment of seating areas and buggy bays.

For safety reasons the 1st hole will be played short whilst the works are completed.


Dirk Hasselman

No photo description available.

It is with great sadness that we write to inform you that Dirk Hasselman passed away peacefully last Friday 9th April.
Dirk was an active member of the Golf Club having adopted Malta as his home with his wife Candida since 2001.
Although Dirk stopped playing competitive golf a few years ago, he enjoyed very regular games of social golf and was always entertaining company.
Dirk put forward many suggestions he believed were beneficial to both the members and the club in general.
Although a distinguished diplomat with a formal manner, he had a light hearted sense of humour and the ability to laugh at himself. He was a true gentleman, kind hearted and generous and will be sorely missed by all those who knew him.

Temporary Local Rule

No Play Zone in Abnormal Course Condition

As already announced by our GM, and as may also be observed, there is plenty of ongoing development and maintenance to the golf course. This includes, but is not limited to, the re-turfing of grass patches and the construction of new tee positions. As these are numerous, it is deemed impractical and onerous to rope-off and/or mark all these areas as “GUR”. Until further notice, these areas are deemed to be “abnormal course conditions” and relief MUST BE TAKEN, as per rule 16.1f.


Victor, CompSec

Upcoming Course Maintenance and Current Conditions

Dear Member

We have now made it through a fairly wet winter on decent putting greens despite limited grass growth during this period. However wear and tear due to intensive play during the winter period has taken its toll and in the last few weeks playing surfaces have somewhat deteriorated. We have a three to four week wait for the dormant Bermuda grass to come to life as soil and air temperature steadily increase. In the interim we will be conducting all the critical seasonal work associated with spring renovations starting this Monday with hollow coring and pesticide application followed later in the week with sand top dressing. The aforementioned practices will prepare the greens for transition to warm season conditions and smooth over current imperfect surface levels.

You will have observed tee box construction which is ongoing and necessary to satisfy conditions to bring in four tee positions under the new world handicapping system. New forward tees and extensions to existing tees will be completed, oversown with warm season seed and turfed by middle May, we will then focus on correcting imperfect levels on existing tees during the summer months.

In addition to putting green seasonal maintenance, various practices will be undertaken during April and May on the fairways and surrounds including de-compaction, scarification and chemical application. The boys have already completed turfing of worn areas and continue ongoing works as we put the finishing touches to the upgrade of the irrigation system which has been a huge project over the last 12 months.

The course will take on an entirely different look during May after all the aforementioned works.

Your patience and understanding at this time is appreciated.


Phil luxon


Winter Rules / Preferred Lies

With immediate effect, the Temporary Local Rule regarding Winter Rules / Preferred Lies is lifted. Play the ball as it lies.

For the sake of clarity, the placing of ball in a bunker is a COVID pandemic concession, and is not a winter rule. Therefore this concession still applies.


Victor, CompSec

Friday, 9th April 2021

Latest on Government’s COVID19 rules

Government’s latest partial relaxation of the partial lockdown is detailed here

Sadly, whilst we will be allowed to move back to playing in 4 balls on the 26th April, there is no news on the resumption of competitive sport on any kind; likewise on the reopening of restaurants.

We will further update you as information becomes available.

Board of Management

Royal Malta Golf Club

8th April 2021