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The Junior Academy of the RMGC had another great season and came to an end in June.

Well over 60 juniors have been attending regular coaching sessions from October till June, which means that around ten percent of the RMGCs total membership consists of junior academy members. This is comparing really well with other golf clubs internationally that are actively promoting junior golf

The Junior Academy is administered by the Malta Golf Association and the coaching staff is provided by the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of Malta, with Christina, Preston and Henning looking after the needs of our younger players. We group the youngsters by ability into 5 different categories: Par B, Par A, Birdie, Eagle and Falcon group and juniors are promoted according to their monthly competition results, attendance,  and skills tests – working towards a junior golf handicap. Falcon group members already hold regular golf handicaps and are encouraged to join the various competitions held at the RMGC.

The main aim of the Junior Academy would be to create future golfers who happily join the adult members in most activities of the RMGC.

Some of our past Falcon group members have moved on and are studying and playing abroad – proudly representing the RMGC and the MGA – whilst some of the others are giving the older members a hard time during local competition.

New for this season was the ‘Golf Kindergarten’ initiative of the PGA of Malta, where under 6 year olds could improve their outdoor skills and through playful interventions start the game we love.

Henning Schulze-Doering