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A Golfing Renaissance:
Royal Malta Golf Club’s Majestic Transformation

In the heart of the Mediterranean, amidst the azure waters and historic landscapes of Malta, there’s a golf club undergoing a transformation like no other. The Royal Malta Golf Club (RMGC) is in the midst of an extraordinary makeover, set to redefine not only the course but also the very essence of golfing in Malta. In this article, we delve into the thrilling journey of The Course Development Plan and its remarkable transformation.

The Visionary Upgrade

 Imagine creating 21 new greens, including two practice greens, two huge nurseries all to be completed within the next couple of years. That’s the audacious project that RMGC embarked upon, and the results so far are nothing short of astonishing. By October 2023, we shall reopen the course to 8 brand new greens and by October 2024 we shall reopen the course to  golfers who can expect an entirely rejuvenated course with state-of-the-art playing conditions that are sure to attract aficionados from near and far.

“As we approach the season, with only three greens left to finish in the next 4 weeks, recent rain and cooler temperatures are improving conditions. Greens will be cut to 3.2mm, and over-seeding will enhance the surroundings. Note some initial softness. Construction has impacted maintenance but promises a more challenging and exciting experience for players.”

Lorenzo Basco – RMGC Head Green Keeper

The Power of the members

What makes this project even more exceptional is that it’s powered by the unwavering devotion and financial commitment of RMGC’s members. With a staggering investment of over 1 million euros sourced solely from the members and club funds, this transformation is a true testament to their passion for the game and their love for the game and their course.

A Symphony of Collaboration

Such ambitious undertakings require an ensemble of extraordinary individuals, each contributing their unique skills and unwavering determination. Behind this golfing renaissance stands a remarkable team: the back office staff, the Board of Management, the Captains Committee, and the dedicated course-keeping staff led by Lorenzo Basco. Overseas builder Richie Coomber brought his expertise to the project, and at the helm of design was none other than the world-renowned Course Designer, Mr. Scott Macpherson, entrusted by the R&A. Of course, none of this would be possible without the dedication and passion of every single member.

” The Royal Malta Golf Club has undergone a remarkable transformation, featuring state-of-the-art greens, strategic hole upgrades, and improved turf. These changes promise an enjoyable experience for golfers of all levels, making it a must-visit destination for both members and visitors.”

Scott Macpherson – World Renowned Golf Course Designer

Acknowledgments and Gratitude

 A special mention goes out to the Chairman of RMGC Mr Paul Stoner, whose unyielding support and unparalleled determination have been instrumental in making the club the best it can be for all its members and visitors to enjoy. The club also extends its gratitude to the Chairman of the Marsa Sports Club, Godwin Borg, and MSC Club Secretary Albert Bonello, for their invaluable support during this remarkable transformation.


 The Royal Malta Golf Club is on the cusp of a golfing renaissance, where tradition meets innovation, and passion meets dedication. As October 2023 and thereafter October 2024 approaches, we eagerly await the unveiling of a course that will not only capture the hearts of current members but also beckon golf enthusiasts from across the globe. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together for the love of the game, and RMGC is the living embodiment of this golfing dream.

JJ Micallef


Royal Malta Golf Club