AGM Election

Members are advised that there will be an election for the Board of Management ahead of the AGM on 30th June. The process follows that defined in our Statute under Rules 6.3.10 to 6.3.14. [The Statute can be accessed in the secure Management folder on the RMGC website].

Victor Satariano, Paul Stoner and Mark Siddall have been nominated to stand for election to the Board of Management at the AGM. There are two vacancies.

Full Members are encouraged to vote in person at the RMGC Office for 2 candidates using the ballot papers that will be delivered against signature and membership number. Balloting will take place between 0900 and 1800 on Tuesday 28/6 and Wednesday 29/6; and between 0900 and 1800 on 30/6 (the day of the AGM). Scrutineers will be in attendance to ensure that the process is followed correctly. The result of the election will be announced at the start of the AGM.

Chris Stahl;


RMGC Board of Management