In the absence of being able to hold safe General Meetings at the RMGC we are taking the liberty of circulating what would have been the various addresses made at the AGM of the RMGC (update for relevance), the draft audited accounts for 2019, a statement of recommendation on the accounts from the RMGC Board and Finance Committee, the Independent auditors report, and a note from the Captain of the Ladies Section. The various documents include a video address by the RMGC Captain, Richard Waterhouse.

Should you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to email me on [email protected]

Mid November, again in the absence of being able to hold a General Meeting, we will be circulating the 2021 budget details, commentary and fee structures.

Paul Stoner


Royal Malta Golf Club

6th November 2020

RMGC Chairman’ address

Outgoing Captains Report

To view the Audited accounts – statement and actual accounts, you are re-directed to the Management folder on our website, you will need to log-in to enter this section.

RMGC Captains report

Captain, Ladies Section report