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Stick a fork in this years CL and take it out of the oven – it’s done. 7 rounds over the course of a condensed season were concluded, thankfully with no weather interference other than the inevitable windy conditions which are becoming tiresome. Good news, next weekend looks better. 

On to the business – Round 7 – top 3 – Ingo Sausmekat, this years Rest Team Captain retuned to form and edged out  no less than 4 players on countback (Messrs Borg, Micallef, Ganado and Crossley) to take 3rd. 

Sam Azzorpardi must be looking forward to having his Dad on the bag, as he nailed his MvR spot with 40 points for 2nd place, but behind Eugene McCooey who took the spoils with 41 and 25 OOM points. 

Eugene also took 3rd in the individual overall, behind Neil Simpson and winner Stephen Dodd, who deserved the win, having played the most consistent, over only 6 rounds.  


Richard Waterhouse’s team has led since day one. It’s a team that has no Maradonna’s or Ronaldo’s, but has a solid core of 36 pointers – and that’s what it takes to win the CL.  The early lead was never relinquished despite a great effort from Victor Denaro’s team, who took second, and the Captians team who finished 3rd. Wallets will be updated for qualifying players of both winners and runner up teams later this week. 


Well done Richard !!! 🏆 


Our thanks as ever to Alliance for their continued support. It was a shortened league season, but a highly enjoyable one. Thank you for your support and we look forward to the same next year.