Blevins Franks Medal Handicap Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Blevins Franks Medal Handicap Cup 2022.  In excellent conditions our winners are Maureen Borg Silver Division with combined net 136 and Eileen Borg Bronze Division with combined net 128. Runners up respectively Maria Woodward and Georgina Turkington.  Best Day 1 Scores were Maike Beekman and Terry Davies and Day 2 were Carolina Romero and Sarah Cassar. Twos were:Maureen Borg  and Eileen Borg on Day one .

I have to hold my hands up and give a big apology to one of the provisional announced  winners on the day 2. When I went through the due diligence I got the Nett score incorrect and the award truly belonged to another person. Apologies again Geraldine.

The Trophies will be presented by Blevins Franks at the AGM on 26 May.  

Next week is the Championship and Moya Hann – please sign up – again great sponsorship by Laferla Insurance.

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