BOV November Monthly Medal – results

Juan Covachevic’s moment of glory has arrived. A nett 58 sees him win this month’s BOV Monthly Medal by three strokes over Denis Neimand (nett 61) and by four strokes over Keith Pretty (nett 62). It’s fair to say that this week our Div 4 colleagues have taken this competition by storm! 25, 19 and 18 OOM points respectively. Juan to be credited with a €25 winner’s prize. Congrats to all three, and do keep it up.

Adin Bundic is the winner of Div 3 with a nett 63, followed by Jon Horddal Jonasson (2nd on count-back) and by Harri Lehtiniemi both with nett 66. Adin and Jon both €35 credits.

Keeping the back-to-front division order, Peter Cotton wins Div 2 with nett 65, three strokes ahead of Antti Kumpulainen’s nett 68. Both players enjoying a rich vein of form, and both receive €35 credits.

Finally to Div 1, where Finlay Gratil (1st place) pips Alexander Hillblom (2nd place) on count-back, both with nett 65 and €35 credits.

The Twos prizes were all scooped by Div 1 players, LaurensSD 2 x twos, with the exception of Peter Coleman’s two on the 6th. Ten twos in all, eight balls each.

Order of merit weekly scores and overall standings to be published shortly.

Coming week, Thu to Sat, is the ever-popular Alliance Captains League #2. More about this later. Booking is open, and is already well-subscribed. Get your booking in. Your captain, and your team, need you! Also, it’s the Masters from Augusta next week! Lots to look forward to.

Have a great weekend,

Victor, CompSec