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Dear Members,We’d like to inform you an important updates regarding the use of buggies and it’s eligibility during official winter/ in season competitionsBuggy use:1. Golfers aged 75 and above on the day of the competition are exempt from providing documentation and may freely book a buggy, subject to availability. They remain fully eligible to win prizes.2. Other golfers requiring a buggy must complete a new RMGC form, signed by both themselves and a medical practitioner, before participating in competitions.3. It’s crucial to note that completing the form does not guarantee acceptance; all forms are subject to the discretion of the Competition Committee.4. The above form must be renewed annually.These changes are motivated by various factors, including limited buggy availability, alignment with UK and European club practices, unanimous approval by the Captains Committee, support from the Board of Management, and the recognition of golf as a sport of stamina.Please be aware that golfers unable to use buggies during the winter season can still participate in competitions but won’t be eligible to win prizes; they may participate as markers.This new buggy rule exclusively applies to the official winter fixture list season and does not affect summer schedule competitions.Ps The above buggy procedure has already been added to The Rules & Procedures among a few other changes. The updated R&P will be available to view in the coming days.Wishing everyone a great dayCaptainJay Jay Micallef