Catering at the RMGC and other COVID rules

We are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with our Caterers, Saffron, to continue to use the upstairs bar and restaurant throughout the winter months. This decision has been taken purely on safety grounds.

There are a number of ground rules we have agreed with Saffron which are headlined below:-

  • No sign, no service – you are obliged to sign in on each and every occasion you use the catering facilities or you will be refused service         
  • Sanitise – we want to hear loud verses of happy birthday while you wash your hands and a ‘splish splosh’ while you sanitise !         
  • Smoking and non-smoking areas – because the terrace is our sole dining area a dedicated smoking area is being created. All other tables will be strictly non-smoking     
  • Be seated and be served – strictly table service only without exception, no one will be served at the bar     
  • Mask up ! – you are required to wear a mask whilst on the terrace and can only remove it once you are eating and drinking         
  • Read the signs – the signs are there to protect and guide you. Please respect and follow their messages

Saffron have been instructed to refuse service to any individual that fails to comply with any one of these preventative measures.

In general we are seeing members abiding by the mask in all settings laws but there are a few that are still making light of things. We will deal with a ‘no masker’ in a very simple manner. First offence, a yellow card and second offence a red card. A red card means two weeks exclusion from the golf club. You will not need to wear your mask if you are stuck at home.

Buggies. The sharing of buggies, except those from a single household, is strictly prohibited. Straight red card and a week’s exclusion from the golf club if you do.

WE do not wish to be draconian in our management of the pandemic. But, we strongly feel that we have a duty of care to each and every members safety. We implore you therefore to collectively help us keep the RMGC safe and secure. When in doubt, cast your minds back to a few months ago when the golf club was closed down and the only golf available to us was the TV re-runs of old tournaments…….

Paul Stoner


Royal Malta Golf Club

26th October 2020