Joining the RMGC

Under a long standing arrangement, which dates back to the early 1900s, those wishing to join the RMGC are required to be members of the Marsa Sports Club (MSC) and are bound by its constitution. As members of the MSC they (and their family if they join in that category) are able to make use of MSC’s other sporting facilities together with the swimming pool, bars and restaurants. The use of the various sporting facilities is subject to payment of fees determined by the MSC’s Committee of Management.

All applicants are required to complete an application form in full and submit this to the RMGC Office. They must produce evidence of MSC membership. The applicant may be required to meet the Captain (or the Vice Captain in his absence). Successful applicants will have their applications processed and will then be invoiced and, upon settlement, will become Members. Applicants are able to play golf at the RMGC during the joining process, on payment of the requisite Green Fees.

The Royal Malta Golf Club offers various types of memberships to suit everyone’s needs.

Associate Membership 2020

Prior to one becoming a member at the Royal Malta Golf Club the prospective applicant must become a member at the Marsa Sports Club (MSC). MSC offer the option of individual membership rates as well as family membership. Following membership at the MSC one then proceeds to apply for membership at the Royal Malta Golf Club.

In recent years we have simplified our membership procedure making it more accessible to become a member of the Royal Malta Golf Club. The initial two years of membership will give you the status of an associate member.  Associate members enjoy the same rights as full voting members for the initial two years. After the lapse of these two years, you will then become a full member benefiting from decreased membership fees.

The current rate for associate membership is 1896.00 EUR for unlimited golf. All members pay 5 EUR for Third Party Insurance Premium. Members of the Club also enjoy special rates for the hiring of equipment as well as reduced green fee rates for their guests.

Prospective Members can choose to join at any time of the year as now they have the option of paying pro-rata membership rates. 

Full Membership 2020

As explained above, all Associate Members automatically become Full Members on the lapse of two years of Associate Membership. Essentially Full Membership works the same way as Associate Membership does, benefiting from a reduced membership rate of 1259.00 EUR.

Country Membership 2020

Country Membership is available for any person* who has been a Full Member** for at least 3 consecutive years and has not been resident in the Maltese Islands for at least the last 12 months. The current annual fee is 171.00 EUR and a pay-as-you-play fee is to be paid for each round together with an annual fee for Third Party Insurance of 5 EUR. The green fee per round payable by Country Members would be a guest rate i.e. €50.00 on weekdays and €54.00 on weekends. Purchase of a Bar Card is optional.

Prospective Country Members are also required to be Country Members at the Marsa Sports Club

*   at the discretion of the BOM
** as defined in Rule 2.3.1 of the RMGC Constitution

Young Adult Membership 2020

Young Adult Membership is aimed towards members who are aged between 18 and 25. The current rate is 632.00 EUR together with an annual 5 EUR Third Party Insurance Premium. 

Prospective Student Members are required to hold membership at the Marsa Sports Club in order to be able to qualify for membership at the Royal Malta Golf Club.

Junior Membership 2020

This category of membership is available for all persons who were previously enrolled in the Junior Academy. It is aimed at juniors who are have not yet attained the age of 18 years which is required in order to qualify for Young Adult Membership. Prospective Junior Members must hold a handicap and must be members at the Marsa Sports Club. The current rate for Junior Membership is 632.00 EUR together with 5 EUR Third Party Insurance Premium.

N.B. Please ensure you join Marsa Sports Club prior to joining the Royal Malta Golf Club.