Course update after storms

You will no doubt have seen the initial photos of the catastrophic damage to the course, range and clubhouse. The photos hereunder are a more graphic picture of what we found on Sunday night/Monday morning.

The Green keepers are currently rendering damaged all trees safe and have begun the monumental task of trying to clear the debris. As soon as the trees have been rendered safe then we can technically re-open the course; albeit that there will still be felled trees and ground debris literally everywhere. In tandem with this the Captain has mustered volunteers to help clear the fairways and greens of smaller foliage.

In readiness for re-opening the Captains Committee are drafting a local rule that will allow play to take place. Our current thought is that if works progress according to plan then we should reopen the course on Wednesday at 09.00.

Once the course does reopen we solicit your understanding, patience and goodwill towards those who are working hard on the course to clear the mess up.

Paul Stoner

Chairman RMGC