Dar il Kaptan – Captain’s Charity 2020-2021

During the year I was Captain of the RMGC funds were raised for my chosen charity, Dar il Kaptan. The charity now receives some Government funding, but as always with these organisations it is never enough. Dar il Kaptan currently provides day care for 15 children, and a further 22 that are accommodated over night during the week.

The picture attached shows Richard Waterhouse presenting a cheque to Miss Freda Mangion for the sum of €1509.85.

I would like to thank all those that donated, with a particular mention to the following, George & Jo Iles, and the RMGC Happy Hackers comprising of Neil Woodcock, James Lindley, Jan Janula, Pall Arnason, Patrick Hannigan Julie Wright, Andrew Crichton and Mitchell Overton. 

Thanks to you all.

Richard Waterhouse

RMGC Captain 2020-2021