EGM – 21st Nov 2019

The Board of Management gives Members notice of two Extraordinary General Meetings to be held in the Torrens Suite on Thursday 21st November 2019 starting at 6pm.

The first EGM is called to finalise the agenda of the AGM held on 27th June 2019 when three items on that agenda were deferred until the time of the Budgetary EGM because a number of discrepancies and basic omissions had been identified at the last moment in the 2018 accounts.

The second meeting will be the normal Budgetary EGM which will follow straight after the first EGM.

The agendas of both EGMs and copies of any associated Resolutions can be found on the link below.

An abridged version of the audited 2018 accounts will be sent electronically to all voting members with the agenda’s and the Budget Report 2020.
A copy of the full audited 2018 accounts and the Budget Report 2020 will be posted on the RMGC Notice Board.