End of Public Health Emergency

Today sees the last day of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) that was declared back in March. This means that as a club we are now able to further relax the restrictions that we imposed as a result of the PHE. From tomorrow, on course, rakes will be returning to bunkers and the inserts in the holes will be removed and we can play golf as it was meant to be played. Equipment wise, it will be OK to share a buggy; but not yet a hug and a kiss !

In addressing the nation yesterday, Charmaine Gauci, Malta’s Superintendent of Health, stated “The public must continue to cooperate by using masks, visors and hand sanitisers on buses and in shops and observe social distancing to protect themselves and those around them.” In answer to a question from Times of Malta about whether the end of the emergency would mark the removal of all the remaining measures, Gauci clarified that certain safeguards will have to remain in place and will still be enforceable by law.

With this in mind we are asking you to continue social distancing around the club and its members and to stay vigilant at all times when socialising in the bar and restaurant. We must stress that the onus lies with the individual to social distance and if you feel uncomfortable that someone else is invading your personal space then simply ask them to move away. Likewise, in the bar and restaurant, if you do not feel confident to go to the bar to get served, our caterers will continue to offer and safe and secure table service.

Throughout the crisis we have acted ‘as one’ in a responsible and courteous manner.  Let us please continue to follow that ethos as we move forward ‘as one’.

Enjoy your golf and be careful out there.

Paul Stoner


Royal Malta Golf Club

30th June 2020