Extra vigilance please and extra measures

Sadly, today Malta will announce a new record of COVID19 positive cases for a single day. This astronomical upturn has placed both the Hospital and indeed the Health Department Support Services under unprecedented pressure, with the 4th and last Intensive Care Unit at Mater Dei Hospital opening yesterday evening, COVID test results taking several days and Contact Tracing so far behind it is scary.

Recognisant of these pressures we are urging all members to be extra vigilant in their personal lives and extra careful when attending the golf club. Hereunder some reminders of your obligations:-

          It is your duty of are care if you do come in contact with someone who is either symptomatic or who has tested positive to self-isolate and stay indoors for 14 days

          Full details here https://deputyprimeminister.gov.mt/en/health-promotion/covid-19/Pages/symptoms.aspx

If you have travelled abroad, you must adhere to Malta’s strict regimen of measures in relation to incoming passengers

Full details here https://deputyprimeminister.gov.mt/en/health-promotion/covid-19/Pages/travel.aspx

          You must abide by the RMGC’s own COVID19 policy

          Full details here https://royalmaltagolfclub.com/app/uploads/2020/12/Policy-24-COVID-Precautions-201124.pdf   

As an extra level of protection to our office staff we have today made our offices and reception ‘out of bounds’ to all non-employees and our golf shop will be operated across a spaced counter in the doorway. Please respect these boundaries and above all the our staff.

To summise, your safety lies firmly within your own remit. If people come too close then just tell them politely to step back/move away. Avoid crowded places, huddles and wear your masks correctly at all times (we simply cannot breath through our chins or pockets !). And, most importantly of all, afford others the very same courtesies you would expect for yourselves.

Let’s collectively redouble our efforts please and keep the RMGC a safe haven for all.

Be well.

Paul Stoner


Royal Malta Golf Club