Fenston Cup Final Tournament Results 2019

Congratulations to Cassar & Cooper who were the clear winners of The Fenston Cup 2019 with a team score of 32 points.

Runners Up Proe’s Foes with 25.5 points.

Third Vileda with 22.5 points.

Fourth Busy Three with 18.5 points.

Fifth Lindt Chocolate with 14 points.

Sixth Advise Ltd with 13.5 points.

Best overall individual male player was Laurens Schulze Doering with 217 points and best overall lady was Mia Allsop with 204 points.

Yesterday’s winning team Pro’s Foes with 192 points and best individual was Peter Pugh Jones with a fantastic 43 points.  A special  mention and congratulations to Cherilyn Christmas from The Junior Acadamy with  an exceptional score of 45 points.

Beverly and Nigel Hall won the wine draw.

Twos listed below along with yesterday’s score sheet and updated Handicaps.  Full Team Results to be published this evening.

Winning vouchers will be added to the players’ accounts.

This concludes a very successful club tournament and our thanks for the support of the sponsors, Cassar & Cooper, Lindt Chocolate, Advise Ltd, Vileda, Pro’s Foes and lastly Busy Three who have, after many years decided to make 2019 their last year.

A huge thank you to Mario Balzan Demajo for supplying the bottles of wine for the 3rd Place overall team.

The Lady Captain and her committee would like to thank all players for making this a successful and fun event.   Well done to the players who played yesterday in a heatwave that took us all by surprise and completely understandable to those who decided not to play.



Ladies handicaps

Mens handicaps

Twos Laurens SD. and Thomas Jacobsen

Best overall round 6 Peter Pugh Jones

Overall Lady winner Mia Allsopp

Overall Mens Winner Laurens SD

Third team Vileda

Runners up Pros Foes