Fenston Rd 1 Results

Fenston Round 1 : Results 1st Nov 2020

Congratulations to Mr Joseph Sammut overall winner with 40 points.

Team Vileda won the best overall team score.

The wine Draw generously sponsored by Mr Mario Balzan Demajo 

was won by Mrs Maryann Waterhouse  and Mr Richard Bradshaw 


Mr Martin Azzopardi [email protected] 13th

Mr John Finnighan  [email protected] 7th 

Mr Alan Dixon [email protected] 6th 

Mr Dionysios Baltzis [email protected] 7th

Mr Andrew Borg  [email protected] 5th, [email protected] 17th 

Mr Richard Waterhouse  [email protected] 7th 

Mr Ross Parkhill  [email protected] 6th, [email protected] 16th

Full Team Results Below :

G Cranley Handicap Sec.