Fenston Trophy Results

Congratulations to Team Vileda for a terrific Fenston tournament and taking the team prize and the Fenston Cup 2020 /2021. 

Well done also to the  Runner up team  Active Assist.

Many congratulations also to Nigel Hall for winning the Top Overall Man with 204 points and to Sue Wibrew for winning Best Overall lady with 188 points.Well done to both 

Top Scorer Rd 6 Patrick Baldacchino with 37 points.

Two Sweep:

Gernot Schmid  2 @ 17th 

Ann Macdonald  2 @ 7th, & 2 @ 16th 

Andrew Borg  2 @ 7th 

Laya Cristina  2 @ 7th  

Overall Results Rd 6

Men’s Index

Women’s Index 

A special mention to Monique Petiot. We will miss you.Enjoy your new home in Germany .

Team Vileda with the Fenston Trophy
Overall Best Score Nigel Hall
Overall Best Score Sue Wibrew