Gruesomes Rules

For a bit of Haloween fun, we are playing something a bit different this Thursday. Come dressed with cats ears, witches hats, whatever you desire. Sign up in teams of 2 if not done so already.

Similar format to Greensomes

Teams of 2
50% of combined playing handicap

  1. All players tee off on every hole.
  2. The WORST tee shot is chosen by opposing team.
  3. If the drive selected has gone out of bounds, the player who hit the ball OOB tees off with stroke and distance penalty, 3 off the tee. This is then the ball in play, regardless of location.
  4. The 2nd shot is played by alternate teammate, continue alternating until the ball is holed out on each hole.
  5. To respect Covid guidelines, the ball should only be retrieved from the hole by owner of that ball.

Any queries, please contact Rebecca Howes, 99430432.

Ladies Committee