Happy Gilmores 20/09/2019

Make sure you have your pitchmark repairer with you and join the ‘Love my course’ campaign.

Start Times:

1st Tee
15:30 Louise Vella, Joseph Sammut, Joelle Picone
15:40 Henry Carre, Jo Iles , Guan Mingqi

3rd Tee
15:30 Dionysios Baltzis, Heleen Boonstra-Kloos, Mihhail Bulajenko
15:40 Paul Zammit Cutajar, Erika Ripard, Piero Picone

8th Tee
15:30 Stephen Pandolfino, Tanya Sammut Bonnici Dave Hosken
15:40 Jan De Groot, James Pocock, Clare Sheasby