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⛳Results and photos s Happy Gilmores.  23 participants, some with handicap in results sheet, others without yet: a general play card submitted under competition conditions.  Winners were presented with prizes by Thomas Jacobsen, past Club Captain who dropped in and was volunteered to award the winners.  A special mention for Ella Ivanova who had 18 points in her first competition after getting her handicap. We’d like to thank Kate Currie for her help and support as well as encouraging some new ladies to join the section.  Also, to thank imminent new member, Karen Hughes, who kindly donated some prizes from her recent trip to Italy and made the great suggestion that other Happy Gilmores might consider doing that, too.  Excellent thought.  New member Claire Babeau was able to re-instate a previous handicap which came through as 17.2 today 🏆.  Nikons Vasnins obtained his first index of 27.7 which will surely reduce quickly. Congratulations, Nikons.⛳