Holding of RMGC’s General Meetings- Update

Dear Members

We regret to inform you that because the Government has now imposed even more restrictions on social distancing to try and prevent further spread of Covid-19, we are unable, practically, to proceed with the General Meetings planned for 3rd November 2020.  We will reschedule these meetings as soon as the Law, our Constitution and, above all, safety allow.

Meanwhile, we will publish shortly the Reports that would have been presented at the AGM – supported by video presentations from the Chairman (Paul Stoner), the Club Captain (Richard Waterhouse) and the Lady Captain (Rebecca Howes). We will invite feedback and discussion on the issues raised.

Then, in November, we will publish the Budget and Fee Structure for 2021 supported by detailed financial information that would have been presented at the EGM. This will be supported by a video presentation from the Chairman who has indicated that there will not be any fiscal items that will require formal approval by Members. We also propose publishing the Auditor’s Report and the Draft Audited Accounts for 2019 for information, as well as the latest annual estimates for 2020, supported by a written report from our Treasurer (Vincent Portelli) on behalf of the Finance Committee. [Note that these Accounts have to be approved formally by Members at an AGM]. Again, we will invite feedback and discussion.

Board of Management

8th October 2020