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We are delighted to be able to announce a series of internal promotions for our staff at the Royal Malta Golf Club (RMGC) with immediate effect.

Senior Mechanic/green keeper

Tyrone Fenech has been promoted to the position of Senior Mechanic. Tyrone originally joined us back in 2007 and has attended job specific training courses over the years, as well as developing a specialist knowledge of our Toro fleet of equipment and our industry specific sharpening and grinding apparatus. He has also developed his green keeping skills and how now reached a level of proficiency that needs to be rewarded appropriately.

Deputy Head Green keeper

Glen Tyner has been promoted to the role of Deputy Head Green keeper and will join Lorenzo as a part of his course management team. Glen, a fully qualified green keeper, and horticulturalist joined the RMGC in 2019 and has proved to be a major asset to the club. Glen’s new role will involve him becoming the day-to-day irrigation engineer for the RMGC. Glen will continue management studies as an integral part of his new role.

Trainee Manager

Fabian Garcia has been promoted to the role of Trainee Manager with the RMGC. Fabian has displayed a ‘can do’ attitude to all that has been asked of him since joining us in mid 2022 and has shown us that he is potentially future management material. As a part of his new role with the RMGC Fabian will receive training in all aspects of golf course management and will also be enrolled in the Golf Course Managers Association (GCMA) diploma program starting in spring 2024.



Board of Management

Royal Malta Golf Club

8th January 2024