IBM January Ladies Medal Results

The results of the IBM January Medal are as follows:

1st Mrs Felicity Dix  nett 66

2nd  on count back

Mrs Claire Arrigo 

3rd Mrs Carolina Romero both nett 68

4th Mrs Eileen Borg nett 70

No 2s were recorded.

We missed our Saturday players due to weather conditions.

Next week is the ever-popular Falcon Cup & EyasTrophy.  

Round 3.

Please support our wonderful team Captains 

Team Evergreens 267

Team Magpies 275

Team Robins 259

Team Blue Belles 256

Don’t forget to wear your team memorabilia and team colours

Non team players are very welcome.

Happy New Year and Great Golfing in 2021 ⛳

G Cranley 

Handicap Secretary