IIG Bank Falcon Cup & Eyas Trophy Results

The final round of the Falcon Cup was played today in very blustery conditions.  Lunch and wine very kindly sponsored by Nigel Stibbs on behalf of IIG Bank was enjoyed late into the afternoon.  Nigel unfortunately was unable to attend but fortunately his lovely wife, Jan Stibbs gave a speech on his behalf.

The winners of The Falcon Cup

Gun Edlund’s team with 634 points

2nd Maria Woodward’s team with 569 points

3rd Marianne Schaefer Noll’s team with 554 points

4th Maureen Borg’s team with 546 points.

Winner of Round 1. Ann Macdonald with 35 points

Winner of Round 2 Gun Edlund with 35 points

Winner of Round 3 Rebecca Howes with 35 points

Winner of Round 4 Debbie Holland with 37 points

Winner of Round 5 Eileen Borg with 37 points

Winners of the individual rounds will receive a voucher credited to their account in due course.

Overall Winner to win Eyas Trophy Miho Karasawa.

Congratulations to all who participated in this very enjoyable competition.

FALCON final