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On a simply glorious weekend, scoring, at least in the Kinnaird, reflected that excuses would not be tolerated and a number of sharp handicap reductions are on the way.

*Outside the top 3*, Day 1, Grigor Khachaturov carded a 61 , but failed to take the form into Day 2. Day 2’s consolation prize  was lifted by Joshua Cornewall-Walker for a fine 65.

The top 3 – any one of them winning it in a normal year.

3rd Paddy Mann (128), after a handicap busting 60 on Day 1, edged out for 2nd by Ex Captain Thomas Jacobsen, after two outstanding round’s (127), but both literally must have been scratching and shaking their heads after Martin Johansson strolled into the clubhouse with a card brandishing the magic sub 60 number (58 on Day 2) to take the spoils, the Kinnaird and 25 OOM points on 125. Well done Martin – let’s hope the Handicap System is working tonight.

At the business end, it was of course the main event, the third major of the year, the Johnnie Walker Scratch Challenge.

Defending it was Club Champion and indeed Island Captain – Andy Borg.

Unusually, he didn’t take up his usual position in the Day 2 final group with Tore Lindtveit leading after Day 1, from Brian James and Andy Featherstone.

But despite solid rounds from the last group, they could not hold off the inevitable charge from the defending champion, who carded a Day 2 66 Gross, for a total score of 137, lifting the trophy, 50 OOM .

Brian edged Tore on countback – 139, and they pocketed a chunk of OOM points

Consolation prizes  were awarded to Andy Featherstone (Day 1) and the Captain (Day 2).

Can Borg be beaten in the final major  It’s going to need your best golf over not 2, but 3 days !!

Our thanks as ever to Mario Balzan Demajo, and all the team at M Demajo Wine and Spirits.

Thank you all for your support.

Stewart Davies
Vice Captain