Junior Academy

The Junior Academy at the Royal Malta Golf Club is a joint collaboration between the Club and the Malta Golf Association with the latter taking on the responsibility to ensure the proper management of the annual programme and the progressive development in golf of the children enrolled in the Academy.


The Malta Golf Association is the governing body of the sport in Malta and has the overall responsibility to ensure the observance of the Rules of Golf and of the World Handicapping System. Founded in 2006, the MGA has, since then, made it possible for local elite golfers to experience high level coaching and participate in national and international tournaments. All these players have come through the junior experience in one way or another. Their time in the Academy has helped them to form their core skills and progress to successfully place internationally, win major RMGC events, and establish new national records including the winning of the RMGC Scratch and RMGC Championship in the same season by a 15-year old boy. The MGA has also made it possible for the best boy and/or girl to represent club and country in the biennial R&A Junior Open.

Having been involved in the early stages of formally setting up the RMGC Junior Academy, the MGA resumes this responsibility from the 2020-2021 season with the principal goals to introduce youngsters to the game of golf, to provide them with opportunities to excel in the game and provide a healthy young future membership base equipped with the necessary golf and life skills.

The Academy aims to provide a fun yet progressive induction to the game of golf. From a preliminary level, the programme will prepare and progress the young golfers to reach their first sporting objective of obtaining a golf handicap. This will enable them to move on to become as good as they can be in the game and play competitively with the possibility to qualify for and play in international tournaments outside Malta.

The coaching staff of the Junior Academy is led by the resident PGA professional Henning Schulze-Doering (who holds a Youth Coaching Diploma from the Semmelweis University of Budapest as well as a valid B and C license for Elite Junior Coaching issued by the German Golf Association). Henning is assisted by a number of volunteers with broad coaching experience.

The main season runs from the beginning of October to the middle of June and comprises regular training sessions, rules and etiquette lectures, assessments, monthly competitions, junior exchanges, social events such as the Christmas Party and end of season presentation barbecue and off-season training camps both locally and abroad.

The training sessions are held every Saturday afternoon with the children split into groups according to their ability. These sessions and the monthly competitions held on Sunday are well attended. The team of volunteers administering the Academy manages the training programme, the competitions and the junior handicaps. Together we aim to educate, encourage and above all ensure that the juniors have fun with golf and will decide to continue enjoying the game for as long as they can.

Doreen Balzan
Junior Academy Coordinator
[email protected]