Ladies Blevins Franks Medal Handicap Cup Results

On Thursday the ladies played day 2 of The Blevins Franks Medal Handicap Cup.  Day 1 was played in incredibly challenging wet and windy conditions.  Day 2 the opposite, warm and sunny.

A huge thank you to the sponsor representative Sarah for attending.

Winners Silver Division:

Day 1 winner – Mia Allsopp Nett 72

Day 2 winner – Maria Woodward Nett 73

Overall winner – Mia Allsopp Nett 150

Overall runner-up – Maria Woodard Nett 152

Winners Bronze Division:

Day 1 winner – Daniella Scudamore Nett 74

Day 2 winner – Geraldine Cranley Nett 75

Overall winner – Geraldine Cranley Nett 150

Overall runner-up – Joanne Cassar Nett 152

Twos for the tournament were Maria Woodward and Debbie Holland.

Full Results as follows:

Day 1

Day 2

Combined 2 Day Full Result

Ladies Handicaps


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