Ladies Yellow Ball – Sponsored by Debenhams

Dear Ladies,

Last Thursday, we had a short round of golf which was followed by a fantastic Christmas Lunch. To continue with the spirit of Christmas, this Thursday 12th December we have a Team round of golf – Yellow Ball – Sponsored by Debenhams. It will be a Balanced Draw ensuring everyone plays together as a Team.


• Each team collects one numbered yellow ball from Reception
• Yellow Ball to be returned with the Team card
• Out of Bounds: should the yellow ball go OOB at any point it is no longer in play for any remaining holes.
• Each player uses the yellow ball in strict rotation.
• Score double stableford points with the yellow ball
• Two best stableford to count each hole
• One card per team. Please mark scores clearly and circle the yellow ball player on each hole.

If you have not signed up as yet, please do so and show your support to our Sponsors – Debenhams and may the best Team win.

Regards to all

Ladies Section