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On Saturday afternoon, Noah GRATIL needed at least 50 points to qualify for the Rest Team and I discussed the options with him on how that could be achieved between the Gross and Net prize this weekend. However, a statement from him – “so there’s a 100 points to go for” should have told me where his head was at – anyway, more on this later.

Beautiful but breezy conditions on Friday and Saturday gave way to prime Spring on Sunday. The leaderboard looked like a who’s who of the club with everyone seemingly in form from Gross to Net categories.

Highlights of the 3 days – 7 birdies on Round 1 from Peter Canaki as he posted an opening 69/62, only to be outdone on Sunday by Mark Siddall, showing his continued form 71/59.

Playing steady golf, Andy Featherstone led going into Sunday and for the second major in a row, led out the final group with Noah GRATIL and Ruud Critien.

Lurking just behind and within easy striking distance the Group of the Captain, Brian James and of course Andy Borg. Messrs Borg and Micallef had a strong start, both getting under par, but for the Captain, hole 12 would be his nemesis for the weekend – posting 5 over for the 3 days, but he would end up posting a 70, a total of 211 and overall 3rd place.

Brian had a strong round of 71, his third score of 71 but came unstuck on 9 after an 8.

Andy’s inevitable charge came, smacking the pin on 13 for a kick in birdie after birdie on 12 but after boggies on 15 and 16 he settled for 2nd place with 210.

In the final Group, Messrs Featherstone and Critien never really got going and they slipped down the field.

The special stuff was to come as Noah GRATIL tackled the last 10 holes, leaving the 8th on level par for the day. His next 6 holes – Birdie, Birdie, Par, Birdie, Par, Birdie and he threw another one in on 18 for good measure.

It wasn’t so much the numbers as the manner. Effortless golf, low pressure golf, and a demeanor suggesting that he was more worried about what was for lunch.

A total of 202, obliterated the field by 8 shots.

He is our Club Champion. 2024.

And………for good measure, he added the Plate, edging out MVR bound Mark Siddall and Mark Ganado and also nailed his own qualifying place by delivering, yes, 100 points.

Parents looked on proudly at the presentation and we believe he now has bragging rights over Finley who was equally delighted over the phone. Apparently Finley shed a tear or two, as Noah simply sought to confirm the lunch menu – that’s how cool he is.

Our thanks to Laferla Insurance once again for their generous sponsorship.

It’s now just the last rights of the season, with the medal of medal next week (bookings open), and the highlight, MVR, the week after. Both captains looked happy with the composition of their teams and everyone seems to be in form. What a match that will be.

Stewart Davies