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Laferla Trophy 

A very interesting and enjoyable Laferla  weekend, with the first round (medal) played in difficult, windy conditions, but with the second round (stableford) played in the comfort of some warm sunshine.

Round 1 ended in a 3-way tie for best score. Tore Lindtveit, Andrew Naudi and Dorien Mece all carded a nett 66, with Tore 1st, Andy 2nd, and Dorien 3rd on countback.

Round 2 scores also were quite modest, with the highest stableford scores coming from Peter Canaki, Thomas Jacobsen and Peter Satariano all with 37pts, one short of Anders Bergman 38pts.

Congratulations to Anders on winning the Laferla Trophy with an aggregate score (medal minus stableford) of 33, one ahead of Peter Canaki (2nd) and Tim Cleasby (3rd). Brian James (4th) and Steven Paterson (5th) both ended with 35.

The RMGC extends its heartfelt gratitude towards Keith Laferla and Laferla for their unwavering support and generous sponsorship,