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Laferla Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies in Malta, is proud to announce their extended partnership with the Royal Malta Golf Club (RMGC) for the next three years. Laferla has been a major corporate sponsor of the RMGC for several years, sponsoring both the Ladies and Men’s Club Championships.

This year, Laferla and RMGC are collaborating further by rebranding one of the major Men’s competitions. The previously named “Wedgwood Trophy” will now be called “The Laferla Trophy,” and it will be one of only four major Men’s competitions enjoying double order of merit points. The Laferla Trophy will be played over two days, and it will be the second of the season.

Laferla’s commitment to the RMGC for the next three years is an amazing gesture of support for the club. By committing for such a long period, the club has agreed to add a second Men’s major to their list of sponsored events, with Laferla as the corporate sponsor.

Laferla has been active in the insurance industry for almost 40 years, and it offers all types of insurance products for personal and commercial requirements. The company takes its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments seriously, regularly contributing to philanthropic and sporting causes and events, and always looking to give back to the local community in various ways.

The RMGC is delighted to have Laferla as a corporate sponsor and appreciates their continued support. The Laferla Trophy promises to be a great event, and the club looks forward to a successful partnership with Laferla for the next three years.


Royal Malta Golf Club