MAJOR: IIG Handicap Challenge – Sat Start (Men) v2


The first Major of the season kicks off this weekend with a 2 round aggregate medal played Saturday and Sunday, proudly sponsored by our long term partner, IIG.

This major has handicaps capped at 18, if your handicap is higher you may still play but your handicap for the competition will be counted as 18.

The other majors, the Wedgewood Trophy, the Scratch Challenge Cup, and The Club Championship will be played later in the season.

This major is worth double Order Of Merit points to the top 20 and ties after the combined aggregate medal score over the two rounds.

There are also prizes for first, second and third place (€150, €100, €75) as well as food for all participants on Sunday.

To ensure you are included in day two (Sunday), you must sign up via HowDidIDo or the PSI – each player is responsible for themselves in signing up for day 2 – If you are stuck or know of a member who is unlikely to use the internet, then please help them out and direct them to Reception or the Competition Committee for help. (We are not using the method of writing your intention on the Saturday scorecard).

Start sheet below:

Mark Siddall, Competition Secretary

16th October 2019