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Malta V Rest 2024
All that was missing was legendary actor (and golfer) Bill Murray.
Why…… felt like a surreal remake of Groundhog Day.
Why……..replace Tim Cleasby’s clincher in 2023 with a snake from Andy Featherstone to tie it up against Alex Scudamore, who had hit a blinder into 17 and 18 – the half was crucial.
Equally, Aleks Vagimov holed for 6 feet to win 18, against Mark Ganado who had until then owned that green, holing across the green to win his 4 ball with the Captain on Saturday morning.
Last year – Captain JJ amassed 3 points and did the same this year including a win against the Club Champion. No mean feat whilst trying to captain the team as well.
Alex Hillblom – forever late in qualifying, used his wild card to good effect – taking all 3 points. As did Ruud Critien.
There were two injuries / Brian James and Andrew Naudi. When Naudi was replaced with another Naudi (Peter), shoulders in The Rest team sagged and he proved his worth by halving his game against Tore Lindtveit who was immense all weekend. The Naudi’s collectively amassed 2 1/2 points.
The weekend showcased the clubs young guns – Ganado, Azzorpardi, Vagimov and GRATIL. Wow, what a future the Club has – all contributed points and tremendous energy.
A casual conversation with the Rest Team Captain on 16 with a huge crowd and Club legend Andy Borg trying to fight back suggested that a defibrillator was going to be needed.
Andy lipped out for a par and Anders – a brilliant up and down to secure the win on 16, the match and the tie.
Yes, another tie. Not a win. The Sword was retained within the Rest camp for another year.
2025…….how much more can we take. Time for an ambulance on the course.
Stewart Davies ⛳️