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ridiculously dramatic last day, where the pendulum swung several times in the last hour.

The match was fittingly halved – 12 points each, with only one halved match all day – the last one, with the honors going to Tim Cleasby for sealing the half against Kim Borg, who himself lipped out for his own win.
Malta won the day 6 1/2 to 5 1/2 – both sides an agonizing 1/2 away from total victory, with the spoils shared.
As the defending champions and in Ryder Cup style, The Rest retained the sword but golf and sportsmanship were the winners.
The Club Captain generously handed over the sword to The Rest Captain and agreed to do it all again next year, but this year’s match will surely make Netflix so you’ll see it there first.
The chase for OOM points begins again in September.
Well done to both sides. A truly memorable weekend, on a course in wonderful condition (thank you, Lorenzo).
Stewart Davies
Ex Competition Secretary ⛳️