Mandatory wearing of face coverings

From today, Saturday 17th October 2020, Government has decreed that face covering must be worn in all settings outside the home across the Maltese Islands. There are only three exceptions to this; if you are travelling in your vehicle alone or with someone else from your household, whilst you are consuming food or drink in a licensed restaurant or bar or if you are carrying out physical exercise.

In respect of your attendance at the Royal Malta Golf Club this means that you MUST wear a mask at all times except when consuming food or drink and when actually playing golf. In respect of eating and drinking you are bound to wear a mask at all times in the restaurant when not eating or drinking (before you are served, after you have consumed and in between drinks) and at all times whilst moving around the restaurant. You are also required to sign in when you first visit the restaurant on the register provided. The procedure to practice or play golf is simple. You are required to wear a face covering until you reach your place of play (1st tee or practice facility) and once you have completed your round/practice you are required to immediately replace your face covering.

Those owning or renting a buggy will be permitted to use the buggy, but strictly alone.

The club’s management are instructed to adopt a zero-tolerance policy for those that flaunt/violate these rules. Fully expect to be excluded from the club, without warning, if you break the rules.

Paul Stoner


Royal Malta Golf Club

17th October 2020