Trophy Winners

Anne Panton Trophy

Anne Panton died in 1997 after a brave battle against cancer. Her husband Bob donated this trophy in her memory.

Played for each year on one of the public holidays in December; this is a team match play competition with mixed teams chosen by the Captain and the Lady Captain.

· Charged for food is normally provided
· 18 Hole 4BBB match play with one point for winning a hole and ½ point for halving a hole plus an additional one point for winning match or ½ point for halving the match.
· 90% Handicap Difference off Back Marker.

Teams Selection Process: The Captain and the Vice-Captain play for the Captain’s Team whilst the Lady Captain and the Lady Vice-Captain play for the Lady Captain’s Team by default. Captain A then selects his/her first player for the side. This could be either a male or female player. Captain B then selects his/her first player for the side. The gender must be the same as the previous player selected. Captain B then selects his/her second player for the side but the gender of the second player cannot be the same as the first player. And so on until the list of players wishing to play in the Competition is exhausted. The players are then paired and each pair numbered. The teams play against each other according to the respective numbers i.e. team numbered 1 by the Lady Captain will play against team numbered 1 by the Captain.

It is recommended that the Captains will apply a dress code e.g. Captain’s players to play in a blue shirt; Lady Captain’s players to play in a white shirt.

A nominal prize is usually given to the players of the winning team.

Past Winners

2021 Mrs B. A. Hall (Lady Captain)
2020 Mrs R. Howes (Lady Captain)
2019 T. Jacobsen (Captain)
2018 T. Jacobsen (Captain)
2017 Mrs G. Edlund (Lady Captain)
2016 D. Allsopp (Captain)
2015 K. Woodward (Captain)
2014 R. Feenan (Captain)
2013 J. Fletcher (Captain)
2012 D. Debono (Captain)
2011 Mrs B.A. Hall (Lady Captain)
2010 K. Micallef (Captain)
2009 Mrs E. O’Brien (Lady Captain)
2007 N. Hall (Captain)
2006 Mrs M. Micallef (Lady Captain)
2005 J.M. Lewis (Vice Captain)
2004 T. Davies (Captain)
2003 Mrs A.W.M. Thompson (Lady Captain)
2002 A. Bonello (Captain) halved with Mrs M. Woodward (Lady Captain)
2001 Mrs J. Scicluna (Lady Captain)
2000 P. Stoner (Captain)
1999 R. Dickinson (Captain)
1998 J. Holland (Captain)